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Leading Japanese peers, sharp this spring will be the production of smart phones with OLED screen

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  • Solte em:2018-03-13
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According to the Nikkei news report, Sharp will begin this spring to mass production of intelligent mobile phone organic light-emitting Diode (OLED) screen, leading the Japanese peers, to compete for the Samsung electronic hegemony market.

Sharp has invested billions of of yen to produce OLED on a small scale and has started exporting samples, followed by fine-tuning the screen's quality and brightness, with the aim of using the screen on several of the top smartphone launches this summer.

Smart phone OLED production technology is extremely difficult, Samsung Electronics is still the world's leading suppliers. Sharp, while leading Japan's rivals, including the Japanese display (JDI), is still difficult to directly challenge Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics and LG displays (LGD) currently monopolize the OLED panel market for smartphones and TVs; in the 2000 's, Japanese companies such as Sony and Pioneer, who were the lead in the OLED sector, were cut off by a huge bottleneck in research and development costs and equipment spending, South Korea is actively investing and seizing the market.

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