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ndia LED lighting standard case of war, fierce Linsen crystal electric single wins together

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  • Release on :2016-07-06
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India led lighting standard case market opportunities much industry attention, cross-strait LED industry in numerous massive rush into, recently, LED packaging factory, wood Linsen and Taiwan LED grain crystal power plant join hands to enter the Indian standard case the market came news of victory, is now into top three LED lighting standard supply chain vendors, monthly chip shipments of about 2 billion stars is expected by the end of 2016 will challenge India led lighting standard case city accounted for 4-5%. Because India will continue to release LED lamp and lamp case, the industry expects the India LED lighting standard case of war will be more intense.
India to accelerate the LED lighting standard release schedule, in 2015 the LED lighting standard case size of about 1.5 billion stars, 2016 standard case size will be more than 2 billion stars, is expected to 2018 will be fully completed to replace the LED lighting, LED industry pointed out that India will separately promote LED light bulbs, lamp and lamp etc. 3 application. The third season India led lamp standard case the successor release, it is estimated that the header will reach 10 million scale. As for the LED street lamp preliminary planning will replace the 34 million lights.

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