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Zhongshan Guzhen part of the business to suspend business anti-environmental protection? Listen

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  • Release on :2016-12-22
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     The past few days, the circle of friends crazy pass environmental protection law enforcement is too harsh, so that enterprises fear, talk about "ring" discoloration. Then the environmental inspection in the end is how the matter? Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City Party committee member, deputy mayor, the Director of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Wang Ping, on the concern of the "environmental inspection" to respond to all the details and interpretation.

     Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City Party committee member, deputy mayor, director of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Wang Ping

     Guzhen Town Party Committee member, deputy mayor Wang Ping told reporters, "strengthen environmental protection is our environmental protection branch of the daily work, but because of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed in Guangdong, we increased the intensity and frequency of inspections than usual, the business owners Do not be too nervous, we have always insisted on civilized law enforcement, strict law enforcement.

     "Recently, factories and enterprises to stop production, business, not because of environmental inspection efforts, we have recently more complaints by the masses, reflecting the more obvious pollution of the enterprises to check, in accordance with the corresponding laws and regulations, requiring them to rectification, We also enforce the law to protect the interests of the broad masses of people a good ecological environment, but also to protect other legitimate business enterprises in a fair competitive market economy environment.

    Q: What is the specific environmental protection department in check? Environmental inspections in what way?

    Wang Ping: Recently, we mainly focus on complaints from the masses, long-term rectification is not in place of the enterprise, the focus of inspection inspections, if these companies do not have the appropriate environmental procedures, in the production process involving waste gas noise, But also focus on their investigation, mainly based on daily visits and letters from the masses to provide clues to the corresponding enterprises to check, and no rumors of rumors of the investigation, please do not believe rumors, do not rumors, Not rumor.

    Q: When will the central environmental inspection team go, this time to check the storm will end?

     Wang Ping: Central Inspectorate time is November 28 to December 28, after we will strengthen the daily supervision work, I also hope that the majority of enterprises to adapt to the future of environmental protection strict law enforcement of the new normal, serious illegal sewage companies to A check in the end, so I hope the majority of enterprises, especially the existence of illegal sewage, safety and other related illegal enterprises do not exist chances, must improve the corresponding procedures to strengthen production management, environmental protection in the implementation of "three simultaneous" procedures. If there is no formalities to enter production without authorization, we have also found a firm request to close.

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