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World record Taiwan Tsinghua University develops new high efficiency OLED

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-22
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Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) because of the use of the iphone x has attracted attention, but the current OLED panel is more expensive, Taiwan's Tsinghua University research team to develop a new generation of ultra-high efficiency green light-emitting OLED components, component performance as the current world record, is expected to promote Taiwan's panel and lighting industry upgrade, Outstanding research achievements in the March 6 of the International photoelectric field of the first periodical "Natural Photoelectric" (Nature Photonics).

Foreign manufacturers in the past 10 years to obtain a large number of OLED patented technology, plus from the iphone x and Samsung and other mainstream mobile devices using OLED panel, Taiwan's LCD panel industry is facing industrial transformation and technology upgrading of the turning point, but Taiwan region in the development of OLED panel seriously behind Japan, Korea, In recent years, the expansion of OLED panel industry in mainland China has posed a serious threat to Taiwan's panel industry.

Zheng Jianhong, a professor of chemistry at Tsinghua University in Taiwan and a Lin Hao-wu team of Liu Ruixiong and materials, has succeeded in " The new double boron luminescent material element "has a major breakthrough in the research, as the next generation of green OLED components high-performance performance for the current world record, and is expected to significantly reduce the cost of key light-emitting materials, promote Taiwan's panel and lighting industry upgrade."

Zheng Jianhong said that the sale of OLED light-emitting layer from the first generation of fluorescent materials or second-generation phosphorescence light materials, the luminous efficiency of fluorescent components is about 5%, while the phosphorescence light element is 20%, the current OLED materials to iridium, platinum and other rare precious metals, resulting in the panel price is more expensive, Qing large team in the Ministry of Science and Technology support, A new type of boron material, which uses boron as a cheaper material, is developed to maximize the efficiency of OLED, which breaks the limit of external quantum efficiencies of traditional fluorescent and phosphorescence OLED.

Zheng Jianhong Analysis, cooperate with the team's skillful component process and related technology, the production of highly efficient green OLED components, with up to 38% of the external quantum efficiency, far higher than the first generation 5%, second-generation 20至30%, coupled with the synthesis of the steps of streamlining and easy, but also mass production, significantly reduce the cost of key light-emitting materials, and the research and development of materials, can be used in a variety of OLED components, even if a large number of production is no problem, has now applied for a patent, an estimated 2 years to complete the commercialization of materials.

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