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Winner of the Nobel prize: laser lighting will replace the LED in the next ten years

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  • Release on :2016-06-27
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      With the excess capacity, increased competition, the national LED enterprises to enter the development of a lot of bottles. June 25, as the benchmark figure of LED lighting, 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for Nakamura attended the 2016 China - Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair, Shuji Nakamura boldly predicted that the next ten years, laser lighting will replace LED lighting.
      It is understood that the efficiency of laser lighting is thousands of times the LED, not only to increase the projection distance, improve safety, while smaller, more compact structure. In addition to the field of lighting and laser display in a plurality of projector, digital cinema, television, stage lighting, large screen splicing, automotive and other areas, will have a more broad application. Nakamura Shuji think, "a laser lamp, lighting 100 square meters area is no problem." But because the laser is now the price is too high, so the application rate is not high, but the future is a big trend.
      In talking about led enterprises in China in recent years to forced restructuring or even collapse tide, Shuji Nakamura think, many Chinese led enterprise problem of homogenization serious, in competition in the lack of advantage, "as China's iron and steel enterprises, overcapacity will lead to lower prices, in the self from the competition in the market, the natural formation of elimination mechanism."
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