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Why the intelligent home revolution without intelligent lighting?

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  • Release on :2018-01-04
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     Bryant Bilal, marketing manager at Eaton's lighting division, said: "Lighting is the most intelligent home technology after home security systems and thermostats, up to 50%", "some people think that smart home technology is only for the most fashionable, most forward-looking consumer design, But in fact 90% of the population now can benefit from networked lighting. ”

Intelligent lighting brings something meaningful to everyone

      Today, technology enthusiasts are still the main users of intelligent home technology such as intelligent lighting or networked lighting. Bryant Bilal For example, Eaton's Halo Connect product makes existing smart home hubs more intelligent with integrated lighting and is easy to install for homeowners.

       But when it comes to networked lighting, other products have a place in the early adopters.

       Bryant Bilal said: "The family management type of personnel followed. These people crave easy operation, they like smart home solutions because they simplify life. They don't want to run around the house and turn off the lights, they prefer to operate on their phones. ”

The third major is the traditional, and they are now starting to accept smart lighting.

      "The Bilal are usually the last to adopt new technologies, but they are very easy to get excited about the health benefits of smart homes," he said. "They are not necessarily interested in technology, including coolness, ease of use, etc., and instead they are attracted by the potential of these products, can help them to solve their desires or solve physical obstacles. They know that smart home technology can improve their lives, which they had previously dared not imagine. ”

Intelligent lighting provides extra security and peace of mind

       Networked lighting, such as Halo Connect, adds home security through the holiday mode and remote access features. For example, users can select scenes to activate the lights to make them look as if they are at home, even if they are thousands of miles away from home in reality. With the remote access feature, the user can use a smartphone switch light, whether in the office or on the beach.

       "No technology can completely stop all potential criminals, but networking lighting is simple and makes a big difference," he said. ”

Intelligent lighting saves energy and money

       Geofencing provides a way to conserve energy by using a networked lighting system. For example, Geofencing uses GPS networks, Wi-Fi, and/or Bluetooth technology to draw virtual boundaries around one location. The virtual fence is paired with the application to identify and respond to the boundary. Although Geofencing technology is not new, early systems are expensive for both personal and residential use.

       Bilal said: "Through the network lighting, any homeowner or resident can set up their own system, the lights are open at home, the lantern is closed when leaving." Not only is it easy to operate, but it also saves energy and money. ”

Intelligent lighting can improve the quality of life and improve physical health

       Intelligent and networked lighting allows users to set scenes and emotions. Whether you're hosting a party or reading a good book, the right lighting can help entertain your guests, or make you enjoy sitting in your favorite chair after a long day.

       The flexibility of networked lighting can help users set the right mood, and this technology will have an impact on health. Many studies, published by Sleep Dentistry clinics and other research institutes, confirm the link between illumination and circadian rhythms. Programming lighting to mimic the arc of the sun, from sunrise to sunset, can improve sleep patterns and improve emotional health.

      Bilal said: "Most people are familiar with dimmer, but these systems can also easily change the color temperature of the lighting", "warm light imitating candlelight or sunset, can help many people to relax or ready to sleep." On the other hand, cold light can help people stay alert and focus on specific tasks. ”

Simple installation

      Regardless of which option you choose, smart lighting devices, such as Halo Connect, are often installed easily.

      Bilal said: "Intelligent lighting installation is as simple as a non-networked product, once connected to the power supply, it will provide quick instructions to complete the installation," then, Wi-Fi connection is the beginning. ”

Simple use of intelligent lighting

      Smart Lighting will choose a simple application-embedded screen, Bilal says, so technology blindness will operate. The user can set a key control of the Favorites folder.

      Bilal said: "Imagine, the user can choose" dinnertime "button, send out warm lighting, choose" movies "emit dark light. "," options are also extensive, for example, some smart lighting allows users to set preferences, switching between warm and cold tones, dimming the product down to 5% brightness. ”

Good tomorrow from now on

     Just a few years ago, networked lighting and other smart home technologies were available only to a small subset of users. "This technology already exists, but the price is more expensive and most people can't accept it," Bilal said. "But today, the price of commodities is falling, and many people can afford it." ”

     To this end, many housing builders began to integrate smart home technology into the new building. With the increasing ease of use and accessibility, the adoption rate will accelerate further.

      Most of this technological change is related to the rapid development of mobile phones, both of which are moving forward, making ordinary consumers feel more comfortable.

      "Most of us already have very powerful technologies," Bilal said. We can make calls, respond to emails, watch movies, diagnose car malfunctions, and analyze heart health, all of which can be achieved on a device as big as a palm. ”

       Networked lighting and other smart home tools are a natural part of modern puzzles, and it is clear that a true technological revolution is already under progress.

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