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Why LED bulb lights a rapid decline in the trend

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  • Release on :2017-06-10
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    LED bulb in the market to sell more and more fiery, especially in the indoor lighting, LED ceiling lamp, LED bulb, LED downlight, etc., have outstanding performance, and now the year is close, then the LED lamp manufacturers Will there be any big promotions? What kind of changes in the price of various LED lights?
According to the survey LED bulb price display, the global replacement of 40W LED bulb prices showed a slight decline of about 1.9% to replace the 60W LED bulb fell by 1.5%, so from the above data can be seen , LED bulb prices in 2014 is not obvious, we can see the end of 2014 the signs of promotion is not obvious, in addition to Germany and the United Kingdom, the other regions of the basic stability of the price.
    China region, in December 2014 after the 12th promotional activities, LED bulb prices a larger callback, the price is relatively stable in January, LED lights manufacturers promotional activities are not obvious, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other regions Prices are relatively stable, like LED ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps and so on to maintain the price of last month, only a small number of products such as large fluctuations, such as Japan's LED bulb prices rose to 16.4 US dollars. LED bulb lighting is the largest market is the civilian market, and the public is also the largest ball cannon, so LED bulb is a new alternative to traditional incandescent light bulb green light, because the people used to use the ball bulb, in order to more Made the fourth generation of green lighting source, this alternative incandescent bulb shape also uses spherical design, I plant the production of LED bulb lamp head is also used spiral pattern, since 2011, the use of LED bulbs lighting use High-power LED chip production, in order to prevent glare problems, the shell will usually use frosted glass or acrylic to produce. Can be driven directly by the mains, most of the products with wide voltage input, can be input from AC8 ~ 269V.
    On the whole, LED bulb will still maintain a rapid decline in the trend, from the market price, LED bulb prices closer to the price of traditional energy-saving lamps, therefore, LED lights popular market is the general trend. However, the cost of LED lights is higher than the traditional energy-saving lamps, therefore, in ensuring the quality of the premise, LED lights prices will slow down the rate of decline.

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