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What is the real intelligent lighting

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  • Release on :2017-06-17
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In recent years, around the smart lighting market disputes continue. From the earliest light source itself dimming color, to manufacturers continue to launch mobile phones and other mobile terminals based on the control of APP, but these are not always the end users just need.
Philips Lighting is more emphasis on the interconnection between intelligent lighting platform, the lighting with the database, with the Internet, Internet of Things together, so that front-end information collection in the back-end as a platform for the application. Of course, including the dimming, toning, and how to match your mood, you are doing the activities. For example, you are watching TV, you are playing games, home lighting is not with these parts, you can create a better atmosphere and effect.
From the macro point of view, intelligent lighting is an important part of the wisdom of the city. In the room by lighting the way to be able to perceive the positioning of people inside the room, which can be done indoor navigation. Through the indoor lighting, you can do data collection, through the analysis of data can determine the consumer's habits, you can recommend how to optimize the layout of shopping malls, these may be intelligent Internet lighting to bring the benefits of business and users.
Dimming, coloring is an entry-level application. Borrowing a way of dimming, of course, is a real intelligence, but what is the purpose of the dimming after the end? Is the purpose for the lighting effect? ​​Or hope that the dimming color to the living and working environment To bring better results? Or hope that through the dimming after the color of the data collection, so that the next data consumption deeper application, to achieve a best business innovation model?
"Do not be confined to the lighting technology itself." Shen Xiaohui view, in terms of lighting design itself, we can still pursue the original LED lighting energy, focus on light efficiency, etc., of course, must have a fixed open, able to provide interface , So that the lights can access the background of the data network. For example, you can access the SIM card, through the SIM card into a mobile Internet terminal, the terminal can be real-time detection of data to the background.
From the lighting technology itself, we from the traditional lighting to LED lighting, this subversive iteration is actually just a few years time, and to today's smart Internet lighting change time is shorter. In the middle of this process there are a lot of cross-border things, the integration of things, a large number of new technologies in the middle of the development.
As a company that has a traditional lighting industry and a new IT industry, we always insist that lighting must be a service for the best of all cities. After the lighting are interconnected, we hope that this lighting is more energy efficient, more humane. This is actually a harmonious issue, not only the harmony of people and lighting, as well as lighting and environmental harmony, lighting and cultural harmony.
We need a relearning process for light.
The earliest traditional lighting is that we are trying to simulate natural light through lighting, in the absence of natural light, we create a natural light, in order to help people live. Later to the LED era, because the LED as a light source, in all aspects of energy-saving life have greater advantages, but the pursuit of light efficiency, the pursuit of natural light has not changed, regardless of the use of LED or the traditional way to achieve.
We have been emphasizing the light effect, even to the era of intelligent Internet lighting, we see the lighting have more opportunities for development, to make it better serve the general public, but we still hope to use our awareness of light, how Let light better serve people.
For example, how the hospital how to do the lighting in the ward, we even developed a set of light formula, the light recipe into the ward inside to help patients better rehabilitation. If you start from this dimension, maybe you will not care about my lamp in the end is the traditional light or LED lights, or whether there is no intelligent interconnection, the technology is ultimately for the people.
What does Philips do in the smart interconnection era?
For Philips Lighting, we have been promoting the development of intelligent lighting in China, from the product level, from the application level, are actively involved in the development of standards, hoping to enhance the understanding of intelligent lighting, so that customers can also recognize it importance.
From the industry standard, today we have all the lighting application standards, such as the various industries inside the final lighting needs what kind of effect, what kind of a lighting quality, these are already very clear.
With the rapid development of LED, we are constantly improving the domestic product standards. In the control of intelligent lighting, we may be related to the control of the interface, platform, protocol, etc., there will be many flourishing technology and platform out, if the short term, then more is the most basic platform for the development.
In this era of flourishing, it is difficult in a short time to put such a big market in China to a unified standard up. If there is such a unified intelligent control platform standards, the development of our market will be very helpful.
But we also see the reality of today's market, not only the IT industry participants, in the technology itself, there are many different communication protocols, etc., so that we must first protect the final lighting effect, the ultimate platform, As for what kind of technology in the middle, or take some time to do the integration. Allow everyone to spend some time, and then integrated together.
Philips Lighting in recent years is also with China Mobile, Huawei and other IT infrastructure manufacturers to build intelligent lighting ecological chain.
"Talking about the ecological chain, I think it is still a return to the origin of the idea, the exhibition director, but to cooperate with each other, as the lighting industry leader, we will do the best part of the lighting, and then to ensure that we in the lighting this Part of the external interface to meet the standards, through the open platform and interface with other resources of the city when the integration, rather than the closed system can not be integrated. "Shen Xiaohui, for example, we now do lighting research and development, will consider how to embed smart Of the chip, whether to do on the drive need to do what kind of improvement.
And for the choice of partners, Philips Lighting also has its own unique insights.
When we reached such a cooperation, not in accordance with the refrigerator, air conditioning such a category to carry out. For example, millet, we do not value its mobile phone, but millet itself is also doing intelligence, it also has its ecosystem, the two ecosystems have a lot of organic combination of the part, so we have established such a cooperation The
And we jointly set up a joint venture, the joint venture from the beginning of the lamp to start, and then this year will launch intelligent light bulbs, intelligent ceiling lamps and a series of products. Because now millet is also creating a system similar to the smart home, we hope that the two systems can be combined, other companies are similar, do not rule out some of the other household electrical appliance enterprises to seek some cooperation.
In the smart home, the beginning of 2014 there is Philips Hue this smart home platform, Philips Hue launched at the beginning of a light bulb, light and other light source products. Last year, Philips launched a full range of home lighting, including ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, and now Philips Hue has a whole smart home products.
In office lighting, Philips Lighting POE (Ethernet-powered) lamps began to deploy in more and more offices and shopping malls.
In the wisdom of the city, we in Los Angeles to do the whole city of intelligent street lighting transformation, street lighting network more integrated urban front more monitoring function. Such a system has just been listed in the Chinese market. The system is called Philips CityTouch, recently optimized for China's local needs and launched the Philips CityTouch flex.
Through the phone to control the lights at home, into the home to find the phone to open the application to open the lights, in fact, these features are not real sense of intelligence.
"For example, the boss sent me an e-mail, the home of the Philips Hue Go portable magic light will flash red light, this is not a remote control switch can do things like these we can easily achieve." Shen Xiaohui view , These intelligent applications will give practitioners some thinking, in fact, this is the real realization we want the intelligent lighting.
Philips Hue smart home system and online video site cooperation is a very specific example, when consumers play online video when the Philips Hue lights and lights, you can create a video content consistent lighting, such as television Is the blue sea, the lights are corresponding to the blue, if the screen is a flame will show the red lighting atmosphere.
There are examples of Tetris, you only need to operate the Tablet PC, the walls of the Russian box will flip down, looks very simple, in fact, need a lot of integration. Today, smart speakers are also a very hot topic, we and some production of smart speakers IT manufacturers also have cooperation, Apple has just out of Home Pod, because we had a seamless interconnection with HomeKit, I believe that will soon be popular with voice recognition The way called the speaker to help you turn on the lights off the lights.
In the Philips lighting view, whether it is the wisdom of the city, the wisdom of space, or smart home, has been unable to forget the essence of lighting is to serve, we hope for our city today to provide the best environment for our residents to provide the best Of the lighting, which is the place where Philips lighting has always been in the stick.

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