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What is the future of intelligent lighting?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-12-28
          Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co., Ltd.,LED flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof LED lamps supplier china. More than 130 years ago, a palm leaf fan bamboo filament formation of filament thoroughly put an end to the "Richuerzuo, sunset" patterns of life. But perhaps the Edison's son could not think of how, as well as lighting in blackberries than 100 years after the role far beyond the range of lighting the basic function.
          If the incandescent lamp is turned on the human power to replace the chemical energy of the chapter, then the smart lighting is Likely to be the next great chapter. In the "smart" two words are abused in the present, the actual use are deliberately ignored. So what is the future of intelligent lighting?
On the light of just need: let things turn around lights
          Although many manufacturers in order to Achieve the so-called smart, for a lot of products with a lot of unnecessary features. But can not be denied, "Networking", "access control", "Scene recognition" will indeed bring extra convenience for our life. That I believe there will be some people see here said: "these features I do not care, I do not want to pay to upgrade the lighting."
          Maybe let us return to the nature of the Internet of things to think about the results will be different blackberries:
The lights are in a very good position in each space.
The light must have energy.
         The Internet is a trend of using the Internet to expand the hardware in various fields.
It is not difficult to find the lights That occupy a very rare, very conducive to the physical location of the popularity of the Internet of things.
          In fact, for the lamp to add other features, many manufacturers sono stati trying. Li-Fi technology is one of the most dazzling. According to techcrunch, by the end of November Estonia Velmenni startups in recent tests on Li fi technique for data transmission on the use of LED lights, the actual test results at present commonly used 100 times faster than WiFi.
          Ambient light interference, confidentiality of These characteristics is Likely to let them go in the end-Fi, but this does not affect the light as the potential of the Internet of Things platform. Early intelligent lighting the biggest problem is the development of the cost, with the rapid development of the two years, the price of the sensor, the network chip, the price of the processor with the popularity of smart phones plummeted. Thereby reducing the cost of lighting upgrades for smart. As Techcrunch said: "the revolution of LED has just passed, and the story of intelligent lighting has Just Begun.". "
The whole industry chain Has Been awakened.
          Light industry has never lacked giant, And These giants have to try intelligent lighting, but anche can be a good example of this trend potential evidence. Secretly and many companies in the itch to try, the first to be Mentioned is currently the largest several network hardware company such as Cisco Systems, such as Qualcomm. Of course, not only each of the lights inside the need to join the hardware of the Internet, the network and the structure of the route must be changed anche.
          25 billion, this is currently the world's total number of lamps an estimated value. Who can eventually bite the biggest piece of cake is still hard to say, but this trend Has Been established.
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