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What is LED?At first I did not understand the true meaning.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-05
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         Nowadays, the society is developing rapidly. The update speed of the electronics industry is the rapid development of the electronics industry in recent years, such as the new darling of LED. I believe everyone has heard that led, but in the end it was a backing what, what is it that makes it gradually occupy the electronics industry? What exactly is LED? Following by the Shandong excellence Electronics Engineering Co. Ltd. Xiaobian give you details about.
          Light emitting diode referred to as LED. By gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and other compounds made of. When electrons and holes are combined, the visible light can be radiated, and the light emitting diode can be used. In the circuit and the instrument as an indicator, or the composition of text or digital display. GaAs diodes glow, gap diode produces green, SiC diodes, yellow light, Gan diodes in blue. Due to the chemical nature of the organic light-emitting diode OLED and inorganic light-emitting diodes LED.
          Diode LightEmitting (LED), is a kind of semiconductor components. At the beginning of use as an indicator light, display LED board, etc.; with the appearance of the white LED, also used as lighting.
         LED is called the fourth generation lighting source or a green light, has the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, small volume and so on, are widely applied in various directions, display, decoration, backlight source, general lighting and urban landscape and other fields. According to the different function, it can be divided into five categories: information display, signal lamp, vehicle lamp, LCD screen back light source, general lighting.
         Under escort policy, sales promotion and other factors to promote, such as the hotspot of investment in capital market in the near future, the Xinhai, Fujing technology such as eye-catching performance. Since the fourth quarter is the peak of LED lighting, television and other consumer products, the upper reaches of the component industry sales will also appear cyclical rise. With the implementation of the October 1, China bans and import 60 watts and above incandescent policy, China eliminated incandescent roadmap has been opened, permeability of LED lighting will continue to increase. Insiders said that only the replacement of incandescent light bulbs will add more than 12 billion per year, the demand for light sources.
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