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What are the advantages of OLED compared to OLED?

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  • Release on :2016-10-05
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1. As organic materials used OLED, three light-emitting material life is different from their own insurmountable fatal injuries. The quantum dot crystal is non-organic, so the working state is more stable, longer life and lower cost.

2. Because the process is complex, the production yield is too low has been difficult to overcome the problem of large-screen OLED, and QLED process is relatively simple, in mass production has inherent advantages.

3.QED color performance is more perfect, color gamut can easily achieve the most stringent color standard BT202090%, while the OLED TV color gamut although far more than the traditional LCD TV, but in the BT2020 standard, about 70%.

4. In the same quality, QLED energy-saving OLED screen is expected to reach 2 times.

     Cost, production, color, energy consumption, the four major differences lie between the QLED and OLED. So contrast, QLED than OLED, it seems not just more "a little." Relative to the LG on the big screen OLED struggling, applauded the situation, Samsung QLED seemingly bold decision, thin think about it, perhaps under a well-thought-out good move.

    Of course, QLED is still in the R & D stage, there must be some difficult to overcome their own problems, and it is expected that three years after the product may be available. During this period, OLED technology will have a leap-style development to overcome their own shortcomings, QLED technology will encounter bottlenecks in the development and aborted, really hard to predict. However, in the consumer's increasingly return to the nature of television, the pursuit of the quality of the moment to cut, who is the next generation of display technology may not be so important to be able to provide cost-effective form of the best display is the core of competition. QLED and OLED technology advantages of each of the two disputes for us to leave a lot of imagination on the future form of space, this is the most exciting part.
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