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[Weekly LED ring big back to see] these messages you should know!

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  • Release on :2017-05-20
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LEDinside: after the era of lighting, lighting manufacturers development strategy analysis

Future lighting era, lighting manufacturers development strategy is more towards a reasonable price, visual comfort and solve the use of the interface and provide more added value of these four points will be the main success factor. Lack of one of them, can still be a steady growth of revenue, but with these four, will have a better chance to seize the market channel terminal, strengthen the brand strength and increase profits. In addition, manufacturers with manufacturing cost advantages to provide product manufacturing services, and have the brand manufacturers, will focus more on R & D innovation, marketing, channel management, leading the development of the global lighting industry, to bring a better human green energy-saving lighting products experience The

two key accelerate Micro LED commercial practical, TV applications or in advance to achieve

Although Micro LED applications imagine a wide space, unique development prospects, if you want to accelerate the commercial production of Micro LED production, or escape the most realistic cost considerations. In addition to the key to realize the production of Micro LED in addition to breaking the breakthrough technology, materials, equipment, etc. to further reduce costs, how to increase the added value, hit the pain point is one of the key. LEDinside Research Associate Research Center (LEDinside) Research Associate Yu Chong suggested that through the integrated program or new product concepts, functions, etc., for the product to increase the added value to meet consumer demand. The future of Micro LED can be more commercial and practical, will depend on the technology mature speed, cost and product added value, I believe that over time, the market will appear Micro LED related product applications.

LED industry in short supply is expected, the economy is expected to last at least 2-3 years

Recently, Guoxin Securities field and LED industry chain extensive exchange of research, continue to verify the LED industry supply and demand booming. International manufacturers such as OSRAM also said that the shortage of LED chip supply, and LED chip manufacturers Jingdian, San An Optoelectronics, Hua Can photoelectric, Australian Ocean Shunchang and Dehao Runda have said the current demand for production in short supply. The main reason is based on the 2010-2011 MOCVD machine is being phased out, the number of models accounted for about the number of about 1/3, is expected to the next 2-3 years, the annual output of the total capacity of 5% to 10%, about 5 million - 10 million pieces. With the downstream lighting demand for more than 20% growth and the outbreak of small space demand, the annual demand for new LED chips increased by 10 million. According to statistics at the end of 2017 the total effective production capacity of about 83.28 million, and demand will be more than 92.35 million, the next 2-3 years to keep in short supply.

"wolf" really came: the domestic COB shape note

COB reason is because the light color uniformity and terminal lighting manufacturers assembled simple, eliminating the past SMD patch process, which means that no need to return furnace. But with the gradual development of the market, more and more intense competition, COB products appeared polarization, a high-end light to the quality of the market, a low-end cost-effective market. COB low-end market in the product level was SMD beat, and those who take the high-end COB domestic brands is also struggling. Domestic manufacturers rely on cost-effective and huge domestic market strategy, in the past few years to survive well, but because of high-power EMC and 2835 low-power SMD light engine rise, making low-wattage COB competitiveness in the low-end market, a sharp decline, Which led to the current domestic COB dilemma.

combined with networking / sensing technology intelligent lighting applications flourishing

To meet the current trend is a very good entry point, from the Internet of Things, the wisdom of the city to the wisdom of the family, which will become the next few years a non-fever "trend", LED lighting can also be related to the technology Integration, from the traditional single-function lighting products, towards the development of multi-functional intelligence, intelligent lighting is expected to become a new era of replacement of LED lamps after the new blue ocean.

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