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Want to enter the Indian market? This 6-point experience is worth a look

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  • Release on :2016-10-17
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     October 2016, India International Lighting Lighting Fair on October 7 ended, the first trip to China Travel Business India victory. For the show, the overall feeling is worthy of our attention. After the exhibition, there are the following points of view, to share with you.

1 market deserves more attention

     India lighting lighting exhibition worthy of attention, which in the short term comprehensive response to a huge market for brands, customers and price acceptance, come to see the experience that is earned.

     India lighting and lighting market deserves more attention. As the world's second most populous country, the world's fastest economic growth rate in the world, it is in the retail, wholesale and engineering channels of consumer volume is far beyond your imagination. A dozen square meters of wholesale stores, panel lights a single month sales of up to 5,000 sets of the above, you tempted it?

2 The local enterprises are developing rapidly, and the production and processing is strong

    From the original import and export of finished products to the development of semi-finished products (spare parts, etc.) import and export trade, from the original single-sales model to the development of self-production and marketing integration, from the original occupation of the development of domestic channels to international channels such as occupation, the Indian home lighting or lighting The development of enterprises worthy of our attention.

    India specializing in the production of processing plant production efficiency and price competitiveness, there have been significantly more than the strong momentum of China's manufacturing enterprises. Coupled with the Indian government and national leaders strongly promote the development trend of LED lighting industry, the future competitiveness of Indian products should not be overlooked.

3 upstream chip dependent on imports

    Although India lighting accessories and supporting production more and more mature, leading to more and more local brands began to try homegrown. But the core technologies such as LED chips, semiconductors and R & D products are still relying heavily on imports from China, related companies can try to enter India to invest or set up factories in cooperation. For chip manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers, the Indian government has given a particularly favorable support policies.

4 Wage levels are competitive

     India general workers 800-1000 yuan monthly salary, the future of professional production of lighting products OEM, will be a substantial transfer to India. And the signs have been very obvious, the current international lighting brands have large local planning and the completion of some of the best - selling direct OEM production.

5 light source of product proliferation, lanterns and engineering class not to be missed

     India LED lighting market hot products are: ceiling, panel lights, projection lamps, downlights and bulb. One light source products in the Indian market has been extremely rampant in the fierce price war situation, do not recommend more Chinese companies to come in this muddy water.

     Decorative lamps and engineering lamps and other types of custom products due to certain requirements, the current local enterprises in India has not been able to produce their own mature response. Lantern enterprises and engineering companies to take advantage of the laughter of the time the sound of a good attack on the market, missed may have to regret La. LED simple line lights and crystal ceiling is a good choice.

6 into India for the past two years there are opportunities

     LED lighting in India, the supply of raw materials has not yet formed the scale of the industrial chain, that is, in its related production enterprises have not formed industrial clusters or centralized before the Chinese lighting companies about 1 to 2 years to test the water market in India , Otherwise it can only do cannon fodder.

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