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Viewing the prospect of landscape lighting market from the perspective of Austrian extension perform

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-24
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March 20, the Austrian extension of electronic release performance forecast that the company in the first quarter of 2018 attributable to the listed company shareholders net profit is expected to reach 38 million-42.5 million yuan, an increase of 317.67% to 367.13%.

This announcement, the Austrian extension of electronic shares in the day out of independent market seal rose, then two days after the stock price correction, but this to a certain extent, explained the investors to the Austrian extension of the current performance recognition.

Of course, the Austrian extension electronics can achieve a substantial increase in net profit thanks to its outdoor landscape lighting in the field of layout. Austrian extension Electronics in the announcement that the first quarter of 2018, the main reason for the change in the size of the company's operating income and increase in orders.

It is understood that the 2016 Austrian Billiton through the acquisition of thousands of Hui, access to the "urban and road lighting Engineering professional contract First Class" and "Lighting engineering design Special Grade A" qualification, among the high margin landscape lighting industry. In recent years, the company and its subsidiaries have been the landscape lighting industry large amount of orders, landscape lighting has become the company's high-speed growth of the "engine."

According to Ledinside research data show that 2018 China landscape lighting market will reach 34.5 billion yuan, the growth rate of about 15%.

China as the world's largest landscape lighting market, Austrian extension of the rapid growth of electronic performance, but also "incredible" into "so". Next, the online June will take you to see the recent situation of LED outdoor landscape.

Revitalizing the countryside and building outdoor landscape lighting "Welcome" spring

In recent years, with the adjustment of national strategic development, "rural revitalization strategy" was put on the agenda, as the 19 and tourism combined with a major strategy, I believe that with the deepening of the strategy, will expand the LED outdoor road landscape lighting market space.

In view of the broad market prospects of landscape lighting, there have been many strength enterprises have participated in it.

Austrian extension of the electronics through the acquisition of thousands of lighting force landscape lighting blue Sea, and the company's performance has a positive impact. 2017, the Austrian extension of electronic revenue 1,028,080,645, 56 yuan, an increase of 124.92% per cent, attributable to the shareholders of the listed company's net profit of 131,907,130 43 yuan, an increase of 52.88%. Austrian extension electronics has also said that the main reason for the performance growth is the reporting period, "Shenzhen city, thousands of Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.", "Shenzhen Li Xiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd." and the table.

The relevant data show that thousands of Hui won the bid for two outdoor lighting projects in January this year, respectively, "Xi ' an Chan ba Ecological Landscape Lighting Upgrading Project (EPC) project" and "beautiful Qingdao action" along the important Road lighting promotion project (Hong Kong Road, Donghai Road, Macau Road) General Contracting four project.

With the gradual implementation of these projects, the Austrian extension of the electronics in the outdoor landscape lighting plate influence can not be underestimated.

And another big night lighting leading enterprises liard through the acquisition of Gold Tatsu lighting, Shanghai Blue-Shuo Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Xian Vanke ERA system Integration Engineering Co., Ltd., Sichuan, and June Ze Lighting Engineering Co. 2017, Liard each plate business growth is good, which city landscape lighting orders doubled growth.

As the main company of Liard City Nightscape lighting plate, Jin Tatsu lighting in recent years has completed the country's most famous night scene project, such as the Summit Forum, G20 Hangzhou Summit, Xiamen BRICS conference, the Yangtze River First light show, to build or participate in the construction of Kunming, Leshan, Shangrao, Chifeng, Xi ' An, Ningbo, Gejiu, Maotai, Hanzhong and other parts of the night scene project.

In addition to Austrian extension electronics, Liard, Chau Ming Technology also involved in the field of landscape lighting. In the second half of 2017, the state-Ming technology has acquired Hangzhou Bernian and Chinghua Canli two landscape lighting company, and in early 2018 announced the establishment of landscape lighting cause group, the State of science and technology to fully layout landscape lighting area of determination.

In a previous investor event, Chau Ming Technology also explained the company's access to landscape lighting: First of all, landscape lighting is the embodiment of urban culture, content the fastest, most effective fruit, the least cost of one of the ways, the direct sense of good, the country each city has a landscape illumination project demand, with a broad market space; second, The current market landscape lighting and display of the combination of more and more, the future of lighting and display unified packaging business is the trend of development, the company in the LED display has a leading edge, layout landscape lighting in the future can and display business synergy development.

It is certain that China's economic growth and urbanization process is the long-term impetus for the development of landscape lighting industry, along the way, PPP, City Night tour economy, characteristics of small towns, infrastructure construction and other development is the industry's rapid growth of the important hand, industry experts believe that the next five years, the industry or will usher in blowout-type development.

However, it should be stated that at present, the lighting engineering industry is still in the stage of vicious competition, so, before the new round of integration, the major led outdoor landscape lighting enterprises should be vigilant, always novelty, change, especially in the "smart city" concept of the proposed, the next generation of intelligent control technology will be all over the traffic, energy, Urban green development and other aspects, although it is "spring" but also dangerous.

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