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Vegetables Master developed in Anhui province's first smart home garden

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  • Release on :2016-08-25
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     This is our team developed a smart home garden." In Hefei Luyang District 30 Cui Gang Gang Cun, Li Jun Duan in this painstaking a year's time, and various kinds of soil, fertilizers, seeds, LED lamps and lanterns, including dealing with bracket and a flower pot. His love of agriculture production and planting, and five years ago from Shandong to Anhui Agricultural University, graduating year drilled into the small garden, "more and more people like home grown vegetables, intelligent garden let them realize dream garden without too much effort, the quality of the vegetables taste better. This is the province's first intelligent garden home.
Water, light can be set manually
A folding frame to make a home garden

     Cui Gang's country trail, a base of agricultural technology company, the section of the reporter walked into his small garden.
     Almost two and a half high glass room, three layers of spiral stairs is very eye-catching, kinds of vegetables planting basin homeopathic circled; a layer of window, also set up five or six folding rack full of lettuce, cabbage and so on. "The household folding frame is generally more appropriate, four storey, 8 pots."
     Each pot planting area of about 0.12 square meters, plant capacity is about: a basin May 12 single chrysanthemum, two basins can be a dish of fried chrysanthemum the; lettuce pot can also be planted 12 teeth. A folding rack can become a home garden, Lijun the earliest attention products R & D, "to get a simple wooden shelves, the grade is relatively low, set down the price is 2380 yuan." Now the upgrading of two generation products will debut in September on the agricultural fair.
Give the nutrient solution on the bright light on the bright
      The garden has not only position and flexibility on collocation, fool operation also make people worry. "For some time no one tube, also can live well, so called intelligent garden".
       In the words of some Lijun without soil, water, and light, like in the home dish. "The plant is equipped with a good nutrient soil, special fertilizer and water ratio to become the nutrient solution, the planting basin above the specific LED lamp is the light source." Reporters in the dish rack saw the watering and light timer, "book of well watered with nutrient solution and fill time can help you finish, go out a five days a week, also need not worry about vegetable growth."
       How much fertilizer, what kind of light, while Lijun had basically studied these. "Irrigation experiment is done three months; fill the LED lamps selected a dozen, spectral ratio is not the same, different illumination, tenderness and taste of vegetables."
To upgrade the home garden to the family farm
       Prior to this, the market is also cultivated in the box, the traditional way of planting, family garden, balcony vegetables much public love, but this kind of intelligent and flexibility of the garden or the province's first. "A friend of mine a child, since the family garden, not only adhere to write planting diary, but also get rid of the fussy problem."
That is a fool, but still some planting tips, and want to share the public section of lijun. Such as: flour paste to cure small spiders, soapy water, garlic slurry is the bane of aphids; vegetable seedling stage requires higher temperature, the plastic bags or plastic film in planting basins on the cover, summer can be used textiles made awning, protect the seedlings.
       He dreams of a greater space: intelligent mode will be extended to the whole balcony, stent placement, vertical hanging, but also in the vine, the family garden upgrade to the family farm. "
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