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United States Department of energy released the overall LED lamp test requirements

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  • Release on :2016-08-27
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     Recently, the United States Department of energy (DOE) released on the LED lamp (LED integrated) as a whole test program of the federal register. Requirements into the overall type LED lamp must be in accordance with the requirements of the test procedure in a qualified laboratory for testing, to obtain the total luminous flux, input power, luminous efficiency, correlated color temperature significantly color index, power factor, life and standby power data.
     The legislation came into effect in December 28, 2016 and enforced in August 1, 2016. According to the requirements of the regulations, the test of the above parameters need to be carried out according to the standards of IEC62301, LM-84, TM-28 and LM-79, respectively.
     In addition, from August 1, 2016, DOE control LED lighting facts label (label color paste) to suspend the acceptance of all the new replacement lamps submitted because DOE test program the new one-piece LEDLamps: Department of energy 10 CFR parts 429 and 430[Docket No.EERE - 2011 - BT - TP - 0071] on August 1, 2016 officially went into effect. And, DOE is about to be released for non - one - one LEDLamps LEDLamps test procedures.
      Any submission in August 1, 2016 before the listing application will continue to deal with. In view of the current LED Lighting has been DOE Facts listed products is still retained in the network database in Database. Lighting Facts LED working group will be the latest DOE requirements for further investigation and research, if there is a final decision will immediately notify all partners.
       LED Lighting Facts LED will continue to accept the DOE lighting and renovation kits submitted.
       DLC has also modified its requirements on the Lighting Facts LED, from the beginning of August 1, 2016, will no longer require the submission of bare LM-79 data to Lighting Facts LED. Please note that DLC will continue to accept the application for certification of the lamp tube. This change does not affect the requirements of LED for Lighting Facts DLC for other classes of products.
About LED Lighting Facts DOE:
     Doe LED lighting facts is the United States Department of energy (DOE) for LEDSSL solid general lighting products (including: integrated LED lighting, non integrated LED lighting, LED lamp, led renovated Kit) voluntary energy efficiency labelling certification program. Through the project, LED manufacturers can submit samples in authorized laboratory basis IESNALM-79-08 industry standard test. After the submission of the report obtained DOE LED lighting facts listed, so as to show their excellent products performance.
       North America, the latest standard Express - UL1993 standard update
At present, with the increasing number of LED lamp (TypeA/B/C), LED filament lamp, LED module free drive and other new products continue to launch, UL based on new products, new technology to update the relevant technical requirements of the standard. LED light source products UL certification of the latest requirements and updated UL1993 standard dynamic, specific as follows:

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