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US Government consult public to decide the color temperature of LED street lights

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-03
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light china wholesale,led lamp fixtures supplier,led reflector factory china.Gloucester Times (Gloucester Times) reported that Gloucester Massachusetts government is currently soliciting people on the installation of new LED street views.

         Local residents can participate in two different LED lamps using the test. Development Board is currently considering the applicability of different lighting. Government total installed four test lights, where two is relatively warm, the color temperature of 3,000K LED lights, the other two is the color temperature of 4,000K LED lights.

        Senior commissioner of the city Department of Community Development Matt ‧ Coogan (Matt Coogan) and Chief Executive Officer Jim Comunale ‧ Dai Tinuo (Jim Destino) said that if the two LED lights cost the same, the city government could comply with the public opinion, the use of lower color temperature of LED lights. Take the test of public, including local amateur astronomy club members.

        Gloucester City Hall in 2014 from the State Grid Corporation (National Grid) 2,800 branch lights that made ownership and plans to dress up as all lights are LED lights.

        Gloucester City Hall for the facelift had planned in advance to borrow $ 1 million (about NT $ 3,242 million), but hope to get the state government's Green Community grant, as well as the US power grid company's incentive and thus will reduce the total cost to $ 340,000 (about NT $ 1,102 million).

        Dai Tinuo said Gloucester City Council estimates that the new lighting scheme will be able to reduce the $ 130,000 per year (about NT $ 4.21 million yuan) of electricity, which means that the entire street facelift plan in less than six months It will be able to return within this.

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