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UK installed Super Smart street lamp can monitor PM2.5

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-20
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Recently, Essex and Hertfordshire County, UK, have installed a "super smart" lamp that can be used to monitor the environment.

In addition to lighting functions, the other features of these lamps include:
• Looking for clogged street drains, and even predicting flood occurrence
• When strong winds, immediately remind the highway staff and predict dangerous driving conditions
• Measuring traffic flow and reducing unnecessary street lighting on empty roads
• Monitor whether the garbage bin is full
• Detect air quality and provide street conditions

The project, developed by local governments in collaboration with the Cambridge technology company Telensa, will assess the potential quality of life and economic benefits of a range of intelligent urban technologies.

"I am excited that the project is using technology to provide more convenience to the residents," Cllr Ian Grundy, cabinet member of the Essex County Council for Highways, said: "The current road problems in Essex County (such as drains), we used to rely on inspection and resident reports to learn." ”

"The potential of remote monitoring not only saves taxpayers ' money, but also improves our response time and solves problems before they get bigger." ”

"Last summer, we first installed smart streetlights in the UK that monitor pollution, create Wi-Fi hotspots, and even guide driverless cars in the future." ”

Hertfordshire County Council Highway executive Ralph Sangster said: "We have to change about 65,000 street lights for LED, the remaining 50,000 before March 2020 will also be replaced by LED." These LED lamps are controlled by a wireless central management system (CMS) for detecting faulty lights. As a result, many errors will be resolved before the person notices. LEDs not only use less energy than traditional lamps, but also emit less carbon dioxide. ”

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