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These two lighting products were awarded the Gold Award of 2018 Oscar for Design Industry

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2018-03-14
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The If Design Night awards ceremony was held in the BMW World in Munich, the same day and on the official website of the 2018 (65th Annual) award-winning works. Germany if design award was founded in 1953, has been successfully held 65 sessions, enjoy the "design industry Oscar" reputation.

According to the information, the 2018 if design award has a total of 2,955 participants from 54 countries around the world to submit 6,402 products, this is the history of the most products and design gathered to participate in the If Design award one year. In the end, a total of 1,218 contestants, in products, visual communication, packaging, service design/user experience, architecture, interior design and professional concepts and other projects to stand out, the 2018 if design award for the affirmation. Among the 75 best performing entries, the jury was awarded the If Gold Award, including two lighting products.

Loop Wall Lamp
Design company: Estudi Antoni Arola
Customer/Manufacturer: Fluvia CONCEPT, S. U.

Design Description: Loop is Antonia Rola for Fluvia design elegant minimalist lighting products, OLED technology used in real functional lighting. Wall lamps produce fine light that can be rotated by 360°, creating the original "loop" effect. Loop can be installed individually, as a reading or auxiliary lamp, can also be installed in multiple groups, providing a variety of wall-mounted combinations, and the customer-made finishing materials can be integrated into any space.

Judges ' comments: This is the best way to use new OLED technology, minimalist and no spare parts, quite perfect. With a high degree of flexibility and a strong sense of recognition, it also makes this light a part of the building.

Yuh Lamps
Design company: Gamfratesi
Customer/Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen

Design Note: Praise Louis Poulsen The design concept of shaping light, and inspired by Danish design classics, Gamfratesi design studio Stine GAM and Enrico Fratesi architects are the most inspiring two designers in the contemporary era, They designed a lamp called yuh. One of the basic features of the lamp is that it is quite personal. This lamp uses a wide range, modelling flexible and occupy small space, can rotate, rise and descend, provide illumination for the area needed, create atmosphere, highlight Danish design classic quality.

Judges ' comments: This is the best product example of "shape with function". Clear function is the basis of form. Very practical lighting, the shape is very elegant, but also a sophisticated work, including the use of materials and excellent light quality, perfect rendering visually visible tilt mechanism.

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