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There is no light bulbs, but the light of the lamp, a mobile phone is how to do?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-20
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    Since Edison invented the light bulb, the world has become a light, and we see the lights are not much difference, whether it is incandescent or LED lamp, light bulb is certainly one of the most important part of the lamp. You might want to think about the world as there are no light bulbs? Wait, there's no light bulb! Yes, a lamp called UpLamp, there is no light bulbs, so that UpLamp issued a bright, smart phone camera next to the LED flash.

     There is no light bulbs, but the light of the lamp, a mobile phone is how to do?
UpLamp although there is nothing inside, but as long as the smart phone will be put up, and turn on the UpLamp application after the body turned into a smart lamp. Said UpLamp development team UpLamp through unique structure makes the phone LED flash of bright and uniform scattering inside, and the inner wall of the UpLamp has a fluorescent additives, the scattering light on the inner wall is finally showing a soft light. UpLamp team said the application of UpLamp allows us to use gestures to adjust the brightness of the lights, clap the action skills switch lights, but also in the morning when the alarm goes off to activate the nap mode. And if the application to monitor the user has 30 minutes without using it, and so will automatically be closed down.
     There is no light bulbs, but the light of the lamp, a mobile phone is how to do?
UpLamp in addition to a desk lamp, can also be used as the base of the smart phone, you can charge more when the speaker to use. Of course, UpLamp does not have a speaker, it can be used as a speaker, all by the internal chamber can increase the sound structure of the mobile phone speaker. Currently UpLamp adaptation models have 5/5S 6/6S, Galaxy and Samsung S5 S6, iPhone, S7, Edge S7. Even if your phone is not on the list of suitable models do not have to worry about, under the single time can remark models, UpLamp company said you can make a special adapter.
    Just no light bulb this matter has been seriously caused my attention, at least not to worry about the problem of changing light bulbs, it seems that the environment has also made a contribution to the green. But the premise is that if the UpLamp on the Kickstarter to raise the smooth, then we spend $43 will be able to get a UpLamp, of course, this price is not a little bit more expensive with the general light bulbs.
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