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There is a broad prospects in the Car Market

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-22
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china .
LED car look pretty with market opportunities. Spotted automotive lighting applications development prospects, Nichia chemical will rely on direct mounting wafer (DMC), flip chip LED and laser diode (LD) technology best sights, is expected to become new revenue sources of growth.
         Nichia chemical the second technical department Nagasaka Moto Kasumi said vehicle LED headlight market at present is not clear yet, is expected in the future will be more rapid development, and a laser diode used in the headlights will be getting more and more popular. He pointed out that the characteristics of laser diode is brightness than the traditional led by many and irradiation distance. Therefore, laser diode in the automotive sector also great potential for application.
        Left for Nichia summation law department Chihpen minister a copy of the Takagi Hironori, banned service ontology minister Akutagawa Katsuyuki, the second sector technology Nagasaka test history and spokesman Dubian.
         However, in the automotive industry is not only required sufficient brightness and irradiation distance, but also requires a high degree of stability, stability. Sakamoto Kasumi said that last year the United States automobile airbag fault events caused great damage, so car factory requires a higher than in the past for auto parts, joint requirements of LED lights also have increased, which of Nichia will be a good opportunity for development.
         Nichia chemical banned service ontology minister Akutagawa Katsuyuki supplement, Nichia early in 2005 that is in the field of laser into quite a lot of research and development, also made a lot of patent, the technology than with blue LED produce white technical difficulty is higher, at present in the world can do only a handful of high quality laser diode manufacturers say, Nichia is one of the manufacturers.
        Akutagawa Katsuyuki pointed out that led lights to enter the car market, the biggest challenge lies in the car factory on product reliability requirements, general lighting is usually only one year guarantee, but lights usually need to guarantee the products life of five years, so product quality requirements are completely different. He stressed that Japan LexusLS600H car is first to adopt Nichia LED headlights of the car factory, the cooperation of seven years from any consumer with lights broken. However, lights need to use a laser diode?? that Akutagawa Katsuyuki, car factory using laser diode technology from German speed restrictions, if driving the vehicle speed up to more than 200 kilometers, is must see things more than 600 meters, and general LED lamp light according to distance is only 100 to 200 meters distance to reach 600 meters of lighting using diode laser technology to achieve, and this is car factory use laser diode lights.
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