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The tropical rain forest in Peru is lit up by plants and soil

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  • Release on :2016-06-18
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      In Spanish, Plantal mparas means a power plant through the lamp. In order to provide electricity to the Peruvian without electricity in remote villages, this looks like cartoon "Wall-E" device by means of wooden plants produce energy, let LED light bulb.
The device developed by Peru science and Engineering University (Universidad de Ingenieriay tecnologia), at present is NuevoSaposoa (the village distance recent city five hours, and only a boat ride). This place there are 173 residents, last March the flood destroyed the cable in the region, resulting in here without power source. Until the new light bulb is bought, the residents can only rely on kerosene lamps to work and study.

     Plantal mparas will be the by-product of photosynthesis for electric bulb. When plants produce energy by the sun, it will not be necessary to feed the product into the soil, the decomposition of the process of microbial oxidation will produce electricity. The electrodes in the soil will then collect the energy to the battery, which can supply the equivalent of 50 watt incandescent bulbs to the LED bulb.
      The plan in Peru will have a bright future, because 42% of Peru's rainforest population still live a life without electricity, and they have the most is plant and soil, and water resources to allow to stay alive Plantal, mparas. Eventually, of course the question need to depend on the basic construction to solve, but from the film can be seen, the device extended residents sunshine time, let the children on the night goes through the burning of fossil fuels can also be studying.
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