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The trend of LED chip price in the form of macro economy.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-20
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          LED chip has entered the era of low profit, the new entrants will face a huge challenge. So how to calm the industry?
          To Suzhou LED chip lighting company as an example, LED chip prices continued to decline, the company's overall gross margin down: mainly because of LED industry competition intensified, LED chips, lighting products prices continued to decline, mainly led chip and application products revenue fell down 5.53%. Mainly affected by the LED chip and the application of product prices fell and the company's high gross profit margin LED products accounted for the impact of the decline in the first half of the company's LED product gross margin fell 9.48%, a significant decline. In this regard, committed to R & D high-end semiconductor devices -- gallium nitride substrate materials Beijing University Dongguan Optoelectronics Research Institute executive vice president Zhang Guo Yi said, from the perspective of the macro economic situation, China's economic downward pressure still exists, investment growth is weak. Although real estate policy has been relaxed, but the recovery is slow, especially in the three or four line of the city's real estate market downturn, lack of domestic demand growth.

           Zhang Guo Yi said that in 2016, prospect of LED lighting industry generally is not optimistic, glut in manufacturing, domestic enterprises have led products do no profit to speak of, at present, Japan and the United States, Germany and other countries several lighting family has announced out of production manufacturing field, and Chinese enterprises make the difference of competition.
           "This is both a challenge and an opportunity." Zhang Guo Yi said that now the situation to see, domestic lighting enterprises to fight but foreign, but if foreign out of production manufacturing field, and participate in the acquisition of domestic enterprises, then the future LED lighting manufacturing must all in China. As soon as the manufacturing role into full play and towards the high-end manufacturing, the future is to master the only country in the world lighting in the field of high-end manufacturing.
           Zhang Guo Yi said that future LED lighting will appear demand growth and competitive coexistence pattern, proposed new entrants to focus on LED lighting industry merger integration, or become the manipulator. He said, LED lighting industry has been relying on support to the development of barbaric growth stage, a guest do not enter the threshold of the lower part, because the future of the entire industry reshuffle will be more and more.
          Operating conditions in the second half Outlook: We the company during the first half of the operating improvement remain cautious (not considering the impact of mergers and acquisitions), mainly due to: 1) kitchen appliances industry market competition pattern of stability, industry growth will not have obvious change, coupled with the downturn in the domestic real estate market, resulting in additional slowing demand; 2) LED industry competition intensified, LED chips and downstream lighting product prices continued to fall to the enterprise caused more pressure. Although the penetration rate of LED in the continuous upgrading, but the LED chip and lighting enterprises profit margins are being squeezed, we believe that the company's future performance of the overall gross profit still will be dragged down prices of LED chip and lighting; 3) the company will continue to adjust the product structure of LED business, if high margin products LED display proportion of income still continued to decrease, the short term company gross margin to stable prices.
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