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The right way to open Lamps "base camp"

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-02
        Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,LED Flood Light Manufacturers,led wall washer light suppliers,led smd 5730 flood light.
         Design ideas from the frame emerge in an endless stream, it seems that these three shelves is really a magic there ah. Today to introduce a "campfire shelf" lamps and lanterns, called "headquarters" (Basecamp), in front of a streak to participate in "Design Shanghai" camp fire (campfire) is very similar, but special place is to open it.
From California, Justin Chang from campfire frame was inspired to design the "headquarters", the design process also made reference to the "camp fire (campfire) design, the final design this is suitable for indoor and outdoor portable lamp.
         "Camp" by the three aluminum lamp rods, light sticks on the oval shaped long hole as a row of LED lamp lighting exports, each tube has 8 AAA 1.5V battery for the LED lamp power supply. The lamp switch hidden in the internal electrical connections between three tubes, three tubes support, can be opened, and you can close together.
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