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The promotion of green lighting will significantly reduce carbon emissions

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-18
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,LED RGB FLOOD Light with 24VAC Input Voltage,led lamp fixtures supplier."By 2020, China's semiconductor lighting industry output value is expected to exceed one trillion yuan, will be greatly conducive to energy saving and emission reduction." National semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industry Alliance Deputy Secretary General Ruan Jun said.
         Semiconductor (LED) lighting is also called solid state lighting, following the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and a light source after the revolution. Data shows, according to the six hours of an average day lighting calculation, a lamp LED lights with the same illumination compared to incandescent lamps, a year can save electricity about 76.65 kilowatts, reducing carbon dioxide emissions 107.3 kg, saving coal 26.83 kg; and the same illumination fluorescent lamps compared to, a year can save electricity about 40 kW and 42.75 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, saving 13.68 kilograms of coal.
Because of its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and wide application, the semiconductor lighting is an important field of energy saving and environmental protection industry, and is one of the important strategic industries in China. In recent years, China's semiconductor lighting key technology gap with the international level is becoming smaller and smaller, in the pursuit of high efficiency at the same time, LED lighting by alternative to on-demand lighting and beyond lighting forward.
          At present, the whole LED lighting industry chain of different aspects of technological breakthroughs and technological innovation is rapidly upgrading. In materials, new substrate materials and technology progress rapidly; in lighting applications, improve product price, reliability and light quality of innovation are concentrated in; in the non visual aspects of lighting, the rapid development of the study of biological, agricultural, medical, UV LED; in industry research, the combination of building materials and led lighting progress; intelligent lighting is the most high-profile field, technology and application development is swift and violent.
          Nguyen told reporters, with the constant breakthroughs in technology, energy-saving effect is increasingly apparent, industrial scale continues to expand and application fields continue to expand, semiconductor lighting industry in the lighting industry in our country has established the leading position and into the development of the critical period.
2015, the overall size of China's semiconductor lighting industry will reach about 420000000000 yuan, an increase of 350 billion 700 million compared to 2014's 21% yuan, to maintain the growth momentum in the high. Among them, the epitaxial chip size of about 15 billion yuan, the package size of about 60 billion yuan, the scale of the downstream application increased to about 340 billion yuan.
          At the same time, the semiconductor lighting industry has made remarkable achievements in saving energy and reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emission. 2015, LED functional lighting market penetration rate of 30%, saving 100 billion kwh, about 90000000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
          During the period of 45 global response to the energy crisis, the deterioration of the environment, the challenge of the aging of the population, especially our country enters the new economic norm, in the process of economic growth is shifting, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, to the semiconductor lighting provides more vast development needs and opportunities.
         From the perspective of the development of the industry itself, LED lighting industry is shifting from efficiency / technology driven to cost / market driven. In the new stage of development, LED lighting will become more efficient and energy saving, more intelligent, digital and network lighting.
          Ruan Jun, analysts say, because of the LED light source is the electronic device, and is especially suitable for combined with automatic control and sensing technology, development of intelligent lighting, in achieve the personalized, comfortable, safe and efficient at the same time, further management system to achieve through the lamp energy saving more than secondary energy conservation effect (can save 30%). Therefore, intelligent lighting replace traditional lighting is the inevitable trend of the future development of the lighting industry. This will also make LED lighting in the promotion of energy-saving emission reduction play a greater role.
         According to the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and industry alliance predicted that by 2020, China's semiconductor lighting industry, the market penetration rate of 70%, festival electric 340 billion kwh is 3.4 times the 2014, the annual generating capacity of the Three Gorges hydropower station.
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