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The led leading talk about led lighting industry development trend in 2015

  • Author:Abby
  • Release on :2015-08-25

     Risen led OPTO CO.,LTD.

   A LED lighting event held in Guzhen town,Zhongshan city in August, meeting for lighting industry related hot topic and development trend of the exchange, guzhen town mayor assistant, secretary of the town by the letter Lin Shujian said: lighting industry development is a spiral development, low peak, under the new normal, national GDP growth is two digits in the past, is now around 7%; Another aspect is the impact of the rise of electricity, electricity now the momentum is fierce, but I think the Internet is just a tool, such as alibaba electric business platform is not necessarily the final winner.

  According to the released data show that China lighting association guzhen lighting industry accounted for 70% or so, account for about 15% of the world. The town is from the "lights are China," to "lights are the world", the world market opportunity is infinite, we should make good use of opportunities to make our enterprise export foreign trade sector. In Italy,if the card is used up, find a local Italian production need 5 days, and find a Chinatown Chinese do need only three hours 30 euros, from which we can see the advantage of manufacturing in China. Through building China's lights are Guzhen town direct base overseas edition, let guzhen lighting red flags all over the world.

   Unlimited business opportunities for the development of China's lighting industry in the future.