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The latest Lumileds Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies has created a higher design possibility

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  • Release on :2017-07-03
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Lumileds has announced a number of Advanced Technologies, a key component of the Matrix Platform that simplifies the development of fully assembled, integrated LED light engines. Combined with industry-leading LUXEON LED, Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies paves the way for design and manufacturing breakthroughs.

Oberon Intelligent Assembly is the industry's only way to eliminate the placement of the placement system, rather than based on flux or Vf and other specific test data selection LED.
Integrated Light Guides with ultra-thin design, can achieve unprecedented levels of light control.
Integrated Drivers is designed to combine all the necessary electronic components in a way that greatly simplifies lamp design and reduces space requirements.
Dimming Electronics uses a patented circuit design to achieve the dream of the dark to the warmth of the effect.
Connectivity and Controls enable lighting manufacturers to design the most cutting-edge lighting devices that can be remotely controlled by an application or other device.

Lumileds works with Matrix Platform customers to meet their stringent requirements. By deploying LUXEON LEDs using proprietary Advanced Technologies on flexible substrates, cross-era lighting solutions can be developed. "Customers have found that the Matrix Platform not only achieves a win-win and successful solution in the marketplace, but also reduces the cost of traditional lighting fixtures by weeks or even months and ensures that only," said Varing Hazari, product manager at Lumileds Matrix Platform. Lumileds can guarantee the reliability of the product.The Matrix Platform is the ideal choice for lighting manufacturers who strive to shorten time to market, improve supply chain efficiency and reduce inventory. "

In addition to tailored solutions, the Matrix Platform series includes products that are available immediately on both rigid and flexible substrates.

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