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The highest luminous flux in the industry dual-grain power led! Lumileds Add new Members

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  • Release on :2018-03-30
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Recently, Lumileds introduced a new member of the Power series----Luxeon 3030 2D with a square luminous surface. The product is optimized for high throughput and maximum reliability in a variety of applications, including spotlights, ceilings and low ceiling lamps, and outdoor lighting applications.

Luxeon 3030 2D uses a 3.0mm x 3.0mm SMD Package and uses two series transmitters to provide luminous flux exceeding 110lm at 2700K and CRI (120ma,6v) Warm white associated color temperature (CCT). Under the cold white temperature of 6500K and CRI (240mA maximum driving current), the performance increases to 120lm above.

Compared with the Luxeon 3030 2D LED of the lumileds existing circular luminous surface, the Luxeon 3030 2D flux performance of the square luminous surface is greatly improved. Existing customers can still obtain the circular luminous surface of the Luxeon 3030 2D (widely used in spotlights, industry and A lamp).

Lumileds product manager said, "with the new Luxeon 3030 2d, we can provide the industry's highest flux in the dual-grain medium-power package, while our high temperature test (Hot-color testing) method ensures excellent color accuracy." ”

With high temperature testing, the component can provide specific chromaticity coordinates at the target operating temperature of the 85°C, and can achieve the minimum color deviation under real working conditions. Throughout the ANSI CCT range, this launcher uses the 1/9 ANSI miniature color range to achieve precision color control. Both LM-80 and TM-21 data are available for this new LED.

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