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The future of Taiwan LED lamps would drop to zero tariff.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-14
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         Taiwan lighting fixture output Association will chairman Lin Qingyuan said that the future of LED lamps and lanterns by Taiwan's exports to the EU, is expected to drop to zero tariff, drive the LED industry chain components would benefit.
         It is understood, due to Dongbei photoelectric has made Japanese maker Toshiba lighting trading brand authorization, the main sales regions including Taiwan, North America and Europe, and billion light and Ronda on the European market much ink has, are expected to benefit, directly to the upstream of the grain mill EPISTAR also benefit.
Qing Yuan Lin said that after Taiwan lighting fixture output Association will and the semiconductor industry association (semi) efforts, has with the European Union about the sixth round, almost no opposition to the state, the future of LED lighting by Taiwan's exports to Europe are expected to decline to zero tariff, which means that Taiwan's products are environmentally friendly products, whether it is the future of lighting, lamp, lamp can enjoy the preferential.
         Qing Yuan Lin stressed that the current global lighting output value 120 billion dollars, but led the permeability of less than 35%, because the lamp average life expectancy is 1.5 to two years, so LED lighting is still high growth industry, and Taiwan's technology indeed is leading the world.
         Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA) chairman Zhuang Yuanping said, due to the development of new technologies and new applications continue to develop, so the next ten years, LED still has room for development.
Said East Bay head, since the fourth quarter of last year to Toshiba brand began to cut into the European market, estimated in the second quarter of this year the European proportion will rise to two to three into the future, if relevant tax concessions, natural to manufacturers plus.
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