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The Trends of LED Industry in the World in 2016

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-08
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(1) the modern minimalist art lighting is the most popular trend in the year 2016. Modern minimalist art lighting will become the mainstream lighting in China and two fifths of the world family. At present, the domestic lighting industry about 300 enterprises engaged in the production of modern minimalist art lighting products, the annual output value of nearly 100 billion yuan. Domestic sales of this category is a huge group of dealers, consumer groups are growing. Corresponding to this, the traditional home lighting category began to shrink. On behalf of the brand, such as a Song Wei comely.

(2) the new Chinese will continue to be popular.

(3) American will become a modern minimalist art lighting, new Chinese after the third major category. American copper after several years of development, showing this phenomenon: one is a huge group of manufacturers, has been close to 500, market gradually saturated the risk; the second is the increasingly fierce price competition, has a tendency to gradually decline; the third is fake, shoddy, low-cost, good and bad, do abuse category of risk. Brand enterprises must stick to their position and keep calm, in order to ensure the leading position in the future.

(4) French will become another bright spot in 2016.

(5) in 2016 will become the new favorite jade lamp.

(6) intelligent light will become a mainstream trend in 2016. In highly integrated smart home is lack of strong landing measures before, has a remote control, adjust the light color light intelligent lighting pre emptive step into the home and office lighting roots, it will be 2016 industry one of the most beautiful scenery. A large number of enterprises will be the wind, seize the market opportunities.

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