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Thank you, Kobe! But there is another kind of spirit, called LED

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-16
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.
         You've seen the morning four Los Angeles?? you've seen playing basketball, for final victory regardless of exhaustion life last bit of energy, towards his old club 20 years like a day, always stubbornly persists.
          NBA today, there is a person can do, his name is - Bryant Kobe, just yesterday, he retired to the glorious......
          Yesterday, the micro circle of friends boiling, NBA career farewell fight to attract global tens of billions of fans eyes and touched the nerve of many LED industry friends, like Kobe a glorious fight, which also sends the aspirations of many practitioners of LED.
Here, small make up also feel a lot of, want to say is about career, the most worth asking is oneself, in have some day, we are like Kobe, like Kobe such efforts.
         Consummate technology, high technology, a man of courage, to him every day to than other people more training for four hours, "don't you like me, seen at 4 o'clock in the morning in Los Angeles?" Bryant 's wisdom. It can be said that Kobe is the most talented player in all the efforts of the players, but also has the talent of the players in the most hard.
If we always show loyalty to the team and a love of career, never to be down with the other people's misunderstanding and attack, in the team the most difficult, stand up, can make all, either at the top or the end, and always maintain spirit and faith.
         Most of the time, maybe we just want to see someone was ablaze with lights, flash, but they don't want to see him behind the hard to pay. Success is actually very simple, is to try and find the right direction.
         LED practitioners, when you feel the cause of the bottleneck, whether you need to think about, is not hard enough? If not, then whether to find the right direction, if the two are no problem, then please stick to!
         If we can do all this, no matter you have hundreds of millions worth, have hundreds of millions of fans, bid farewell to the career, speak frankly I did all this, then even the most mundane you I, can also like Kobe glorious retired.
         For Kobe Bryant, on the LED industry, I want to you with small series, has a large number of emotion, then, are also welcome in the below message interaction: your views and share my feelings. At the same time, we also welcome you to put forward for the LED industry insights.
         To Kobe Bryant as hard and strive to become the industry synonymous, a youth, called Kobe! But also a kind of spirit, called led! Come on, forever young led practitioners! Finally, to Kobe Bryant salute!
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