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Thailand LED EXPO 2016:Hot filament lamp

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-04-27
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd, dmx512 intelligent lighting supplier,rgb dmx512 wall washer suppliuer,led dmx 512 wall washer supplier.
          In the LEDExpoThailand2016 exhibition held in Thailand, a lot of popular items, one of which is the rapid rise of LED filament lamps in recent years. Whether the two sides manufacturers, local manufacturers in Thailand, foreign PHILPS and so on, in the Thailand market has launched a LED filament lamps to grab the market. In addition to Thailand local brands have been scored in Thailand's most well-known channel HomePro, this exhibition is mainly the dealer, the dealer, the bidding industry as the main buyer.
The hotel in Thailand and Southeast Asia market standard case, public space continue to have demand led filament lamps, to replace the traditional incandescent lighting and art lamp, generally in the 2 tile specifications, 5 Watt LED bulb, LED lamp filament forms to create.

          LED filament lamp prices relative to gross profit is better, but the form is changeable, some can receive light and the appearance of good manufacturers, will be more channel industry and project industry preferred. Because of its long life, the texture of the lamp, LED light filament is very good, so manufacturers are willing to pay a certain fee.
Philips, for example, launched to 2.3 W, price 220 baht E14 lamp specifications led filament lamp, and 4.9 W, E27 led filament lamp, priced at 290 yuan baht.
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