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Ten trends of LED LIGHT industry in China

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-02-29
        Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.In 2015, China lighting industry in the rapid development of LED lighting, electricity rise, Internet +, the promotion of domestic economic growth into the new normal, lighting industry internal structure adjustment, the influence of multiple factors, facing the complicated situation since the reform and opening up to the outside world. Under the condition of the complicated situation, China's lighting industry continue to maintain a high growth, export situation is gratifying and achieved impressive results, so that the perfect ending of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan". 2016 is "45" planning to start the year, energy saving and emission reduction will continue to be heavy in weight, in energy saving and emission reduction can play an important role in the LED lighting products will by the attention of the government and the market, and promote the further development of LED lighting industry. The first 2016 years, LED lighting industry China will present the following ten aspects. 

1.Chinese LED lighting will further affect the world

2 financial capital entry, listing Corporation will become the leading force in the industry

3 Internet plus cross-border integration, promote industry transformation and upgrading

4.LED lighting industry acquisitions, mergers, consolidation will intensify

5 segments, professional is the enterprise survival and break through the road

6 intelligent lighting industry will become a new outlet

7.LED+ extension services, gave birth to the innovative business model

8.LED lighting products have price, Standard Specification for landing

9 LED lighting into the national energy-saving emission reduction point, the correct guidance is a pressing matter of the moment

10 "45" will become the LED lighting to accelerate the development of thrust

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