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Technical breakthrough this week

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-08-08
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Facebook lab published sensor concept of future LED optical communication is expected to be more rapid.
      Modern science and technology may realize the wireless communication through the light, for example, there are currently available to use LED light for network information transmission example. Connectivity Lab Facebook researchers have demonstrated the concept of the results of the detection of optical communication signals in the atmosphere. Face book researchers had proposed a how to solve exactly will be a very small transmission with laser light point to a long distance, the same tiny photosensor way, they do not use traditional fiber but the use of fluorescent material to spot and light to gather in small light perception sensor. With the use of this area of 126 square centimeters of the collector surface, the collection of light from all directions, while the use of existing telecommunications technology to achieve 2Gbps's information transmission.
US researchers zoom trick, or let LED zero light?
      University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign researchers using industry standard semiconductor crystal growth technology on silicon substrate manufacturing gallium nitride (GAN) crystals, the crystals can generate high power green light, used in solid-state lighting. Researchers successfully in raw material to a new production mode CMOS silicon process, also is the square gallium nitride (cubicGaN), the raw material mainly used for green wavelength emitter. The researchers believe they may have GaN square crystal successfully let LED achieve zero attenuation (droop). For the green, blue, or UVLED, these LED luminous efficiency will with the input current and ebb gradually, also is the so-called light attenuation.
Professor Wen, Professor of the invention of new materials to make white light LED lamp life longer
       School of chemical and material engineering, Wenzhou University Oujiang distinguished professor Weidong research out of the yellow light single crystal material. The material is in the environment of high temperature of 2000 production preparation and, as long as each LED Blue Chip put a piece of phase matching (e.g. 24 watts single light source available 5.5mm x 5.5mm crystal matching) the yellow light of the single crystal material, will be able to issue a stable white light. Cause damage to the characteristics of the crystal due to high temperature and good thermal conductivity, so that the LED lamp is more durable, longer service life, especially let the lighting is not caused by prolonged exposure to high temperature, so it is very suitable for used in high-grade car headlights, high iron, aircraft or submarines and other lighting.
The sapphire screen rival? The phone has a diamond coated screen.
       Semiconductor AKHAN produced a known as the strongest in the history of the glass screen, its strength, resistance to fall of after blasting sapphire glass and gorillas 5 generations, is even more exaggerated, the ascension and not at the expense of thickness in exchange for. Than 0.6mm gorilla glass 5 generation thinner. In addition, the AKHAN production of this MirajNCD diamond glass material, but also includes a good toughness, the maximum can be bent 45 degrees. More exciting is that this is more expensive than the cost of the production of sapphire glass, and the yield is very high, while having a lower thermal conductivity, which means that the use of the screen for a long time does not appear overheated.
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