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Taiwan enterprises focus on four yuan LED transformation, why Taiwan LED factory layout?

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  • Release on :2016-11-24
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      LED chip factory into the road of transformation, four-dollar LED revenue climbed an all-time high, not only the proportion of diluted blue LED, but also has international visibility, help manufacturers to improve price protection; crystal power has been lifted to 25 ~ 30%, if the quarter to maintain high visibility Quaternary LED, do not rule out continued to move up; light 鋐 50% to four yuan-based; China is all turned into four yuan LED.

     Quaternary LED main only in Taiwan, why Taiwan LED plant has such an idea?

     Taiwan LED factory pointed out that Japan and South Korea in the field of four yuan LED almost no manufacturer, the mainland has a small amount of three-photoelectric machine, but Quaternary LED industry does not take the characteristics of large, standardized specifications, coupled with phosphorus, arsenic and other chemicals Material, environmental issues involved, the mainland will tend to strictly audit, the logic will not be state-backed projects, so the Taiwanese manufacturers into the four-dollar LED is relatively odds.

     Industry, said that when the terminal needs of mobile phones with iris identification, night vision, networking and unmanned automatic driving, the four LED in terms of price, light angle are better than laser light; the long term, Micro LED although still developing Stage, but the future is driving the red LED one of the kinetic energy.

     Crystal power of the leading factory this year, four yuan LED security control, small spacing display, AR, VR and other growth needs, the order visibility is extended, the fourth quarter is still a good visibility, Q4 Quaternary LED revenue The proportion has been pulled to 25 ~ 30%, breaking the long-maintained 25 ~ 30% share; Quaternary LED is the main source of profit crystal power, the proportion of products should help stabilize the overall proportion of crystal ASP.

    Net income of only 5% and crystal power, but because of the relationship between product portfolio, deducting the yuan this year, big devaluation of 8% of the factors, light this year's ASP curve to ease, with no backlight products, LED lights in the LED price storm To maintain vitality, not deeply affected, in 3 to 4 years ago has been in the UV LED extended stay.

    According to light statistics, the current blue LED accounts for about 10%, and did not enter the backlight field, accounting for 50% of the four LED, and the remaining 40% green, purple and other products, the next 2 to 3 years wavelength 400nm UV LED is UVA LED used in industrial curing, nail, has now occupied a considerable proportion of the UVC LED in the field of water purification orders are expected to ferment next year.

     China on the full turn into the four LED, the company's general manager Wang Peizhi since 2013 Huaguo Hua, the decision to withdraw from the Blu-ray, the current rate of about 18 MOCVD rate of about 40 to 50%, but the manufacture of four LED , Which four high-brightness LED, accounting for 31.4% revenue share, high brightness four yuan accounted for 68.2% revenue share, while the IR LED about 0.4%.

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