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Taiwan LED plant in February:Four enterprises were down the chain

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-03-16
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          Taiwan LED manufacturers February revenues are declining, the main lunar new year days influence; prospects March the company revenue for a complete working days and presented back to the temperature and growth; corporate express, because in the second quarter is the traditional off-season. However, LED lighting still need to observe whether the United States international brands to launch low-cost planometer LED lighting sales impact of the Maori.
          Observation of the upstream epitaxial plant in February revenue lower than expected. The upstream chip crystal power plant revenues 1 billion 640 million yuan (NT, the same below), month decline of 24.6%, lower than expected, the Yongfeng investment adviser said, estimated by the consumer needs of the poor, and the utilization rate is still low, in the second quarter revenue will grow up with all kinds of product shipments, and the gross profit rate will depend on high priced products such as Flip Chip/ LED to four yuan in the proportion of product portfolio.
          Midstream packaging factory Everlight revenues 2 billion 140 million yuan monthly decline of 12.7% in line with expectations, in the first quarter, the company in addition to both lighting and backlight business, and for new products (UV, vehicle) to expand the customer, single quarter results are expected to stabilize.
          Lextar revenues of 1 billion yuan, the 14.9% month recession expected in the second quarter, the company will enter the shipping season, LED backlight will be a large number of shipments, LED lighting and also continue to develop and optimize the customer cost by the lunar new year in February; technology working days to reduce the impact of global mergers, the parent company 14 billion 86 million revenue minus 2% yuan, year and month minus 19%. Accumulated from January to February this year consolidated revenue 31 billion 425 million yuan. The photoelectric Department in February revenue accounted for 21% of the whole. LED automotive lighting to benefit from the terminal market demand, February revenue increase of two; at the same time, the LED element market share continues to expand to LED, cause the overall revenue growth continued last year.
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