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Taiwan LED output decline in capital expenditure decline

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  • Release on :2016-08-30
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      LED industry downturn, 2016 half of Taiwan LED factory capital expenditure than last year sharply over the same period to reduce into three, Optoelectronics Association pointed out that this will not be conducive to such plant long-term operation and development.
      In addition LED industry also is production, the factory by the whole and and adjustment of product line, and the development of high brightness quaternion products, not visible light UV / IR, car niche applications such as strategy, revenue decline and reduce the loss rate, through the transition process.
      LED market in two years ago the current situation is still grim after a sudden turn for the worse. From the operation of the first half to do judgment, this year, Taiwan's LED epi wafer, grain, and package, module output production recession can not be avoided, and long-term development index of capital expenditure projects, 2016 phase compared to the first half of 2015 reduce into three, showing the entire industry is still in the doldrums.
This year half only crystal electric, billion, Lite, Lunda, Wing Chong makers have energy for investment in new technology and equipment, and other capital expenditure and most of the rest of the industry are shrinking dramatically.
       According to Taiwan's Optoelectronics Association statistics, this year half of Taiwan LED epi wafer, grain industry in output of about 172 million yuan (NT, the same below), decline 12%, and package, module output decline 6%, amounted to 410 million yuan.
       In 2016 before half an year ten LED epi wafer, grain firm revenue decline 12% loss from 0.47 million to expand to 42.87 billion NT dollars, and capital spending also sharply reduced by 26%, only 16.5 billion NT dollars. Leading crystal power plant through the production, the factory integration and adjustment of product mix, and, cumulative revenue decline signs of narrowing the monthly rate has slowly, but 2016 half a year is still a loss of 3.54 billion yuan. Only four yuan is the main products of the guanlei and Ding Yuan in profit performance.
       And in 2016 the first half of the year ten LED package, module manufacturer before ten total revenue decline 5%, profit from NT $10.8 billion to nearly halved to NT $5.4 billion, capital expenditure significantly decreased by 31%, of NT $13.6 billion. Leading billion revenue was flat, net profit growth of 4%, the best performance.
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