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Taiwan LED manufacturers optimistic about the three new applications to stimulate the price of blue

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-06-26
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Although the blue LED price is not optimistic, but in the new application under the stimulus, the second half of the price is expected to be weak in the weak. (HDR), and even the Micro LED predecessor, the Mini LED has been dispatched to the new application of blue LED. From the trend of the release of the LED factory in the Taiwanese company, the small distance display, high dynamic range imaging (HDR)
Everlight Chairman Ye Yin Fu, general manager of crystal power Zhou Mingjun are optimistic about the application of small-pitch display. Crystal to actively promote the production of Mini LED, is aimed at small-pitch market, the current ultra-high brightness crystal four yuan LED full load, part of the demand also comes from the relevant support.
The company will continue to invest in R & D resources, develop smaller RGB display kanban, continue to improve the resolution, to maintain a small pitch, high brightness, high contrast, and long life, The competitiveness of the package.
As for the Mini LED has crystal power, group Chuji plant position investment. The name of the Mini LED is defined by crystal power. The crystal is defined as a wafer size of about 50 to 60 microns, 150 microns between the small pitch display and 15 microns of the Micro LED, much less than the current wafer 200- 300 microns.
Crystal electricity actively into the Mini LED production, is to open up a small spacing display, and direct LCD TV in the HDR function. For the crystal, the Mini LED is regarded as the Micro LED predecessor, for the future Micro LED production to shorten the learning curve.
As for the Micro LED, LED factory that the future is divided into two roads, the US Department of manufacturers from the wearing device, gradually to the development of mobile phones, Asian manufacturers such as Sony from the big size TV start. Although there are many variables, but in the wearing device, VR on the small size of the application will be mature, 10-inch large size products will take 3 to 5 years.
If the Micro LED penetrates into large-size products, crystal electricity estimates, to 40-inch TV, for example, about 24 million Micro LED, LED is a great sea.

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