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Taiwan ITRI launch LED light grape, saving 80% power and more 10% Anthocyanin.

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-05
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led outdoor stadium lighting manufacturers,China led flood light factory.ITRI in Ministry of economy industry transformation and upgrading service group - producing in the group's support, innovation of science and technology of the cross application in agriculture and received good effect.
         Let farmers change has been used for a long time the price is relatively low spiral bulb and a habit of night lighting equipment, use better energy-saving effect of LED lights.
Taiwan in recent years with the electricity steadily hike, so highly dependent on the night lighting of the farm profit a dilution, which is located in Changhua County farmers began to think about the possibility of changing lamp options to reduce costs. Located in Changhua County, Town Creek grape farmers in ITRI Taiwan counseling center of the branch of greenhouse system, first of all into LED lamps as light night.
         Taiwan Branch in ITRI R & D team in 2011 and the farmers' cooperation, the use of LED lamps as auxiliary lighting, promote crop growth. The hanging type LED lamp panel, and oblique wide-angle light design, bottom-up irradiation. Considering the farm automatic sprinkler system, the design of waterproof shade, so that the LED lamp with waterproof function.
         Compared with the traditional spiral lamp LED light source, only about less than 20% of the original electricity can achieve the same effect. The successful cases to ITRI Taiwan plan led lamp also extended to other vineyards, help farmers to save electricity costs, increase profits.
          Because of the geographical location and climate zone, Taiwan winter day short night long, during crop repeatedly due to lack of sunshine formed crop goods of poor quality problems, as a secondary growth strategies, fruit more at night using power-saving lighting lighting, so annual electricity frequently as high as 30 million yuan (NT, the same below).
          ITRI branch flowers Shihao manager pointed out that according to the characteristics of the plants provide most suitable for LED light source is helpful to promote the grapevine fruit rate, and can save more than 80% of energy consumption, which is able to save up to 2400 million yuan electricity costs. Studies have shown that in the LED light source, grape quality is uniform and centralized anthocyanin composition and sweetness characteristics were compared to the original spiral lighting performance more excellent, more anthocyanin antioxidants 1 into effect. Not only can create additional income for farmers to save more than 10%.
           With over the past year led lighting price war, LED lighting more low price, grape farmers recovery led lamps cost more faster, also can the funds invested to update lamps and lanterns.
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