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Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency: in 2017 the official recycling of 4 kinds of LED lighting

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  • Release on :2016-06-29
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     Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that the Taiwan market will be officially starting in 2017, a comprehensive recycling waste light source of LED lighting products, including straight type, ring pipe type, close type and stabilizer in Tibetan and other four kinds of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting light source, environmental protection department stressed that this kind of LED light source goods manufacturing, importing industry who should bear the recovery, clear and disposal of responsibility.
Taiwan Environmental Protection Department said that in order to avoid causing more environmental pollution, and to ensure the fairness of the lighting source liability industry, the official announcement from January 1, 2017 to start the recovery. In lighting light source due to the promotion of environmental protection and energy conservation, promoting LED lighting light source usage increased gradually, market share rising, gradually replaced traditional lighting sources, because of the existence of the batteries, electrical wiring, circuit substrate, glass, plastic and aluminum projects, with the recovery of the value, if not included in the announcement should waste recycling and planning properly recycled reuse mode, subsequent fear caused environmental pollution.
     Environmental protection department said that currently on the market most of the lighting light source all have been incorporated into the current announcement should be recycled waste, because of should be led lighting source waste recycling deal with the problem and consider the lighting light source, industry fairness of, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) correction "articles or its packaging container and is responsible for recycling clearance processing industry of the responsibility range" first table 1 recycling lighting source definition. For additional use lighting to the straight tube type, ring pipe type, close type and stabilizer in Tibetan and other four kinds of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting sources for responsibility, the goods manufacturing, input industry is responsible for recycling, clearance of and disposal of responsibility.
Environmental protection department pointed out that through the announcement of this modification expanded lighting light source recovery project, people if there are straight type, loop tube type, close type and stabilizer in Tibetan and other four kinds of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting sources need to be recycled, as long as pay to clean team the recycling truck or back to the industry, can let these items of waste into the recycling system, and avoid the pollution to the environment, to promote recycling of resources. Remind people, replacement lamp (bulb), remove waste lamp (bulb) into the original new paper protection sleeve, and damaged the waste lamp (bulb), it is recommended to thick paper and plastic bags properly bale, again by the cleaning team the recycling truck, lighting source trafficking stores trafficking reverse recovery) or environmental protection authorities recyclers unified recovery.
      For LED light source of trader, importer, and LED light source manufacturers, in Taiwan area sales, selling locally produced or imported from overseas to LED light source, 2017 will increase corresponding to the recycling of waste cost, and consumers will then recycling mechanism, jig for new purchases and the abandonment of the LED light source, will and prior to the fluorescent lamp light source, such as similar products, circulation of more complete.
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