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TM-30 and CRI which is better

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  • Release on :2018-03-17
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The Department of Energy said that the new method of evaluating the color-rendering ability of light source TM-30 than CRI (color-rendering index).

The US Department of Energy scientists compared TM-30 with CRI, saying the TM-30, published by the North American Lighting Engineering Association (IES) in 2015, was "more accurate at multiple light sources".

International Lighting Commission in the 30 's CRI, they have long been aware of the use of CRI to evaluate the color of LED light source is insufficient, especially in the accurate representation of how the source of dark red saturation color. But they are also opposed to an evaluation method like TM-30.

Some experts believe that the industry should turn to TM-30 and CRI dual metrics, including both independent color fidelity and gamut elements. But opponents believe that TM-30 and CRI for the market LED light source is almost the same color effect, so there is no need to turn to TM-30.

However, the Department of Energy Research, written by Michael Royer of the Northwest Pacific National Laboratory (Pacific Northwest Nation Laboratory), uses a much larger sample of LED light sources than ever before to compare its color fidelity.

These samples include fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps, as well as LEDs based on relatively simple phosphor combinations.

In the case of light sources sold on the market, tests show a high degree of correlation between TM-30 and CRI. But with other light sources, the situation is different. A light source with a color index of 80 ranges from 50 to 86 in the range of TM-30 values.

Today, there are more and more new methods of evaluation for phosphor conversion LEDs, some of which are also mixed with three phosphors to improve the red glow.

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