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Sports industry, LED next outlet

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-02-29
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.Late last year, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption (Guo Fa [2014] No. 46)" that, by 2025, the total size of the sports industry to more than 5 trillion yuan. This means that the next 10 years China will usher in rapid development of the sports industry, its compound annual growth rate projected to reach more than 27%.

         Indeed, nowadays the capital from various quarters racing layout into the sports industry, LED industry in which there is no lack of natural capital. Lehman shares (300162), Alto Electronics (002 587), Riyadh (300,296) and other listed companies through the establishment of a number of fund mergers, asset acquisitions, etc., which are contributing to the rapid development of the sports industry.

          State Sports Minister Liu Peng in a meeting on the National Sports Secretary, said: "China's sports continue to optimize the industrial structure, the proportion of the service sector grew steadily sports, the sports industry and continuously improve the system, interaction and culture, tourism, health care, pension, and other areas of the Internet deepening integration. "in the active promotion of the parties, or the sports industry will be the next outlet LED industry.

           Among them, the contrast overseas sports industry - 2.9% and the US 2.0% of the world, China's sports industry currently accounts for only 0.6 percent of GDP this value is significantly lower, still has huge room for growth.

           In recent years, LED industry has deep knowledge in the field of sports business, Lehman shares led the way described. Since 2011 to date, Lehman photoelectric become the Chinese Football Association has been a strategic partner, an official sponsor of the Super League, and was established in July last year, the sports industry buyout fund.

           After entering 2016, Lehman shares also released at the beginning of football marketing strategy, announced a series of strategic cooperation with the Portuguese professional leagues, including Lehman shares exclusive title Portuguese Professional Football League, became the first European soccer title League of Chinese companies. Meanwhile, after 780 million acquisition of CTS culture, Lehman began to focus on expanding sports media resources.

          If Lehman shares rooted in the football industry, it is the electronic Alto basketball industry to achieve a perfect marriage, the data show, for the electronic Alto FIBA ??(FIBA) global strategic partners. In addition, as the 2015 China Open Liard exclusive LED display partners also carry LED display series debut in the 2015 network in major stadium.

         "Overall, the current Chinese sports industry is a large cake, attracted all kinds of domestic capital injection of the race due to the LED display in the sports playing an increasingly important role, there is no reason to doubt that the future will be LED display enterprises in the sports industry continues to depth distribution, deep self-made. "Lehman iron Man Lee, chairman of the shares mentioned.
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