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"Smart LED" technology to subvert farming

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-17
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    By the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences of agricultural environment and sustainable development research "facilities plant environment engineering team" independent research and development of "intelligence led plant factory" results, in the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan" science and technology innovation achievements exhibition by social all circles attention and widely praised.
     Reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the results relying on the Chinese Academy of agricultural science and technology innovation project and the National 863 project development and, is generally considered the "land use and farming methods of disruptive technology, can greatly increase the productivity of crops, is a 21st century understanding population, resources and environment problems in an important way.
      According to reports, the technology can be environmental factors in plant factory of temperature, humidity, light, air, carbon dioxide concentration and nutrient solution for real-time automatic monitoring, without soil, without sun can achieve any time, any place of plant intelligence production, and even in space, desert, Gobi, island, the water, such as skyscrapers non arable land for crop production. Compared with the traditional cultivation mode, intelligent LED plant factory is a high rate of land utilization, labor-saving operation, strong degree of mechanization, security products no pollution, greatly enhance the nutritional value and dozens of times of the per unit area yield up to open the very first one hundred times.
      It is understood, the R & D team after years of collaborative research, successively in plant light formula method and theory and creation of LED light source, optical coupling energy-saving environmental control, vegetable quality control and based on IOT plant factory intelligent control obtains major breakthrough, research and development of the a number of independent intellectual property rights of the core and key technologies, and realizes the large-scale applications, make our country become following the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, and few master plant factory high technology is one of the countries.
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