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Sharp CEO hinted that the next generation of iPhone will use OLED screen

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-11-01
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     According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that Hon Hai shares Sharp (SHARP), served as president of Hon Hai, vice president of Dai Zheng Wu, 28, some of the conversation indirectly confirmed that the next generation of Apple's iPhone smart phone will use OLED Screen rumors.

     According to the report, Dai Zhengwu received an honorary doctorate degree from Taitong University, Taiwan, China. In the degree award ceremony, Dai Zheng Wu told students in the audience, iPhone continues to improve, and now it will abandon the LTPS screen, turned to the use of OLED screen. He can not predict if Apple's OLED screen iPhone will be a big success, but if Apple does not take this path, do not make a change, it will lose an opportunity for innovation. This is a crisis, but also an opportunity.

     In this regard, the report said, because Sharp is Apple's iPhone screen supplier, and Dai Zheng Wu is also the parent company of Sharp's high-end management of Hon Hai. Therefore, his words have a high degree of credibility.

     In the 2016 fiscal year ended September 2016, Apple's revenue since 2001, the first decline since the state. The reason is the lack of innovative elements iPhone, making demand weak. Compared with the LTPS screen, OLED screen color contrast is higher, the manufacturer can produce flexible, foldable screen.

    Currently, Sharp is Apple's supply of LTPS screen, but its OLED production capacity is limited. Therefore, Dai Zheng Wu said that Sharp is building a new OLED factory in Japan, if necessary, will set up factories in the United States to produce OLED screen. Just last month, Sharp announced plans to its OLED business invested $ 568 million, all funds will be the fastest in 2018 in the second quarter in place.

    However, Dai Zheng Wu did not explain with the OLED screen iPhone new smart phone will be listed when. In this regard, the industry estimates, Apple will launch in 2017 with a soft OLED screen design of the iPhone new smart phones. For such a time frame, in fact, in June 2016 has been reported that Samsung and Sharp plans to mass production by the end of 2017 OLED screen, the two companies may have been Apple's large-scale orders.
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