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Secret: how is LED lamp aging?

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2017-04-26
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,outdoor Landscape led light supplier,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier.

     Although LED lamps than incandescent and fluorescent lamps have improved, but can not completely overcome the problem of light failure. LED light failure for the following two main factors:

LED product itself quality problems
◆ LED chip used in poor quality, brightness attenuation faster.
◆ production process defects, LED chip cooling can not be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in LED chip temperature is too high to increase the chip attenuation.
Use conditions
◆ LED constant current drive, some LED lights using voltage drive causes, so that LED attenuation too fast.
◆ drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions.

    In fact, led to LED product light failure for many reasons, but the most critical or cooling problem. The better the thermal performance, the lower the LED operating temperature, the smaller the light fade, the longer the LED life.
     Failure is the work of a lamp must pass the process, we in the selection of lamps, should try to choose the quality and better heat dissipation of the lamp, the use of the process should also minimize the load of the lamp in order to delay the speed of light to extend the lamp life The

     Whether to cope with light failure, vary from place to place

     First look at the needs of the illumination, if an office area, the work surface illumination may really need 300lx, if not up to the standard will bring easy fatigue and discomfort.

    But for a hotel, 300lx and 200lx really different? In fact, no difference, because at that time the illumination is not important, and more importantly, the distribution of illumination is consistent with the atmosphere and the scene to create the purpose of conversion, and glare control, in the hotel application we are more concerned about this, people go Feeling, 300lx and 200lx actually not much difference, because the human visual experience great flexibility.

    Such as a salon held the venue of the illumination, the highest place more than 1000lx, the darkest place 10lx, we do not feel quite comfortable Well, and this contrast between the shades of the atmosphere, the hotel needs this effect, so for the hotel , The illumination is not so important, that is, a certain range of light failure is not so important.

     But the office, museum, gymnasium these places, it is necessary to meet the strict standards of illumination, and LED light source life is relatively long, we need to consider in two years or have to meet that standard, so we design at the beginning, Leave margin.

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