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Sanan and Huacan price will rise as well?

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  • Release on :2016-06-23
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     Recently, according to the South Korean media ETNEWS reports, except Taiwan crystal power plant has adjusted the price of LED chip, including Mainland China Sanan optoelectronics, HC semitek also hike the price of LED, South Korean media and some sections of the media that move has been made in recent years has been the decline of LED chip prices rebound signs. However, according to ledinside actual in the trading market understanding, South Korean media report this Sanan photoelectric High Order Supervisor: the conversation, and not exclusive, also is not the price of large-scale adjustment.

     Expression of director of Optoelectronics in the South Korean news reports, "since the beginning of May, part of LED chip prices has risen by 10%, and explain the market price is affected by the law of supply and demand." LEDinside asked the company to obtain three news is that they do not have large-scale price hikes. But some Chinese chip makers as part of the LED chip items have small amplitude hike, mainly because of the second part of the packaging manufacturers in order to ensure the supply of goods, so would prefer to use a higher price in getting goods to market.
      But Sanan optoelectronics last year to this year's operating by government grants to the company have positive help, Sanan on production strategy, there are still considerable action, just in early 2016 to put in 28 new MOCVD, with 2 inch wafer collocation 54 processing equipment to conversion, Jordan for 56 old models of capacity, of which 12 units already in March 2016 indeed improve harvest efficiency and production capacity.
Nichia European market make LED chip manufacturers patent can ensure the price
At present see category price hike is mainly to some high power LED chip, these specifications technical threshold is relatively high, so market supply is relatively small. In addition, because Japan LED maker Nichia chemical in North America and Europe of the series against the action of downstream customers, making with IP patent protection of         the LED chip manufacturer, also has a high voice to improve quotation LED chip.
LEDinside pointed out that from the point of view of demand, in 2016 to enter the five - June, LED backlight market because the customer new product import speed is not as expected, so the obvious decline in demand for backlight. It is estimated that after 7-8 months to see another wave of growth momentum. And the demand for LED lighting market since June began to turn pale, but from the various LED manufacturers and lighting brand manufacturers Philips annual bargaining point of view, due to various LED manufacturers have heavy losses, so even if Philips has quite a large number of procurement, but the overall amplitude decline compared with last year slowed down a lot. Overall, the market price of LED compared to last year has been stable.
      LED packaging factory that the market is still like LED chip prices pile up in excess of requirement.
      This year in 2016 Guangzhou Lighting Fair Guang Yazhan, LED packaging manufacturers billion light also for crystal electricity price to provide their views, billion light industry group general manager Pang yen Liu said: "if it is so, see, here is the follow up or maintaining the status quo, because we see today in mainland China here led chip sell-off is little, and so probably also does not go down. If we are the most happy to be able to rise, the problem is still to maintain the attitude of the audience, to look at the situation of the entire demand. Because there is still an oversupply, that if the supply and demand situation has changed, I think that time point will be changed."
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