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Samsung received GE lighting LED phosphor and other aspects of patent licensing

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  • Release on :2017-05-02
     Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led flood light supplier,Aluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers,waterproof led lamps supplier china.
     On November 2, GE Lighting Solutions LLC, a leading American lighting company, said it signed a global patent licensing agreement with Samsung Electronics.
    Under the agreement, Samsung received a specific key patent from GE for use as a tool for the production and sale of LED and LED modules. These LED patent licenses include Potassium fluoride silicon (PFS, Potassium Fluoride) phosphor technology used in LED backlighting products for liquid crystal display panels.
    GE pointed out that the company is already a digital industry company, through software-defined equipment, machines and solutions, the industry through new links to change the future of the industry. At present, GE in the world for more intellectual property exchange, each of the future of innovation, the development of more industrial areas to go.
     Samsung plant Samsung is still very active in the LED market, after the company to adjust the constitution, continue to work in the cause of LED components, access to GE patent licensing, Samsung LED backlight components in the cause of extra points, have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary legal proceedings The And GE's cooperation results, the future also have the opportunity to reflect in the lighting industry.
     The face of more and more international gangster in the world to provoke a patent war, business development treading on thin ice. For example, the international LED patent giant Nichia Chemical recently patent infringement protection in the fight against the growing, more and more frequent efforts, seems to want to suppress the patent by means of patent competitors.
The face of intensified patent war, how to build an effective patent protection network is the most important business development. LED field, as many types of patents, the number of large, so many companies can not be the first balance, coupled with the enterprise itself in the technical level can not be exhaustive. That for the LED business how to quickly and effectively establish a patent umbrella it?
     Patent licensing becomes one of the convenient and effective ways. International companies such as OSRAM, Career, Nichia Chemical, etc., are patented by mutual cross-licensing way, so that enterprises in the patent in a favorable position. Through the authorization of patents, enterprises can develop more competitive products, thus expanding market share.
     In addition, mergers and acquisitions have become the most effective "barbaric" approach to acquiring patents. Such as China's many LED companies in the patent significantly suffer, so trying to get the patent has become one of the driving force of mergers and acquisitions. Through mergers and acquisitions, not only to obtain the patent by the mergers and acquisitions, but also access to its market, channels and other resources.

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