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Samsung Electronics Tan Changlin: Samsung can not be separated from LED

  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-06-22
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     "Samsung can not be separated from LED, Samsung's LED is a very important part of Samsung electronics. "In the LEDforum2016 China International LED market trends Forum sponsored by the LEDinside, China LED network, Samsung vice president Tan Changlin so stressed that the important position of Samsung LED.
Tan Changlin with "Lighting&Beyond, Samsung LED let the lighting feel warm" as the theme, focusing on the analysis of Samsung in the field of LED layout and strategy. He describes the road, Samsung LED mainly including lighting, backlight, automotive applications in the three major areas. "In addition, we also pull the product line to the field of intelligent lighting. "
     Tan Changlin said, LED technology in the field of backlight has increased, the unit area required to reduce the number of LED, in contrast to the application of LED in the backlight continues to shrink. "In the market everyone heard the multi color technology, this approach allows the purity of color close to the purity of the RGB primaries. "
"Lighting LED in the past few years has been the focus of Samsung, Samsung LED also attaches great importance to the layout of the automotive industry. "Tan Changlin said, the current South Korean auto manufacturers have a Samsung LED product.

     The technical route and Tan Changlin introduced said Samsung LED products currently dress, flip, Gan on Si three technical route at the same time. Tan Changlin introduced in recent years, the industry buzz CSP products. He said that Samsung LED can provide a series of CSP products from the medium to high power and array type. "A full range of products we have a complete solution, but also has a large number of shipments. "
     According to Tan Changlin revealed that Samsung has been introduced in the automotive lighting CSP. "The way is to make Array, the traditional CSP combination of Array has a series of problems, but combined with Samsung's technology, so that the car lights can be achieved with intelligent control, and has a higher efficiency. You can make it light, but if the car to a stop, you can allow the above a row of dark, above a row of bright, will not affect the pedestrian's line of sight, when turning can control where a lamp to light, which is combining the CSP with array do the smart. "
     In the field of intelligent lighting, Tan Changlin said that the past Samsung in the Internet of things, IOT and other fields have the corresponding architecture layout, Samsung layout in the field of intelligent lighting is to extend. "At present we have two ways, one is to do All-in-one, the other is the commercial lighting management, management of consumer behavior, these are very important to a target. Tan Changlin added, the latter will be combined with the way EMC, from the management of energy management and consumer behavior management.
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