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SONY developed LED display can be extended to set the screen size free

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-05-27
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     SONY developed the use of micro LED elements as a light source of high quality display technology "CLEDIS", in May 19, 2016 released the use of the technology can be extended display system. This system can be combined with any number of display units, according to the use and setting places, free to set the size of the screen and the length and width ratio. Price is open, will be listed in 2017 1-3 month period.
     The screen surface of the display device is arranged on the RGBLED element, and is a self luminous display device driven by each pixel. The very small source size of 1 pixel in RGB, only 0.003mm2. Therefore, the proportion of black in the screen for can be reached more than 99%, binding element of light distribution performance, showing a high contrast, wide perspective and a wide gamut of images. Fast video response and excellent performance, can display the frame for 120fps images.

     Display unit "ZRD-1", the screen size of each unit is 403 x 453mm, 320 x 360 pixels (x RGB), the maximum brightness of about 1000cd/m2, the angle of view is about 180 degrees, the contrast ratio of 1 to 1 million. 140% in accordance with the ratio of sRGB display color gamut. Because the unit's screen has no border, so you can splice into a seamless large screen.
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