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SETi UV LED enter Chinese market for Vegetable & Fruit last longer

  • Author:Eunice
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2016-01-09
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,Ltd,led garden spike light supplier,led buried underground light supplier,led reflector factory china.
         The South Carolina to Carolina specialization selling deep ultraviolet (DUV LEDs) lamp to the Chinese market in 230-355nm DUV wavelengths (dark purple) LED component and module sensor manufacturers of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. SETi and successfully extended shelf-life for fresh products to customers.
         SETi company marketing director David Xu said; "previously, China's huge domestic market and international fruit and vegetable market, only under low efficiency of storage and fresh-keeping method, and SETi spotted this piece of business opportunities, striving to provide service to customers in China. "
         "In the current China Vegetable & Fruit most are preservation techniques using chemicals or pesticides. In fact, the use of deep ultraviolet (DUV) LED technology for consumers will be more secure. LED lamp consumes about 2 watts to 3 watts, and is completely harmless to the human body or the product. We find that the Chinese market is a great potential, and we have decided to fight for this opportunity. "
          Currently SETi continuous supply of sensor chips to the Chinese market, and at the same time provide standard and customized products.
           SETi on sale in China in November 2015, and is still in the initial stage of development, is expected to be 6 months of research and development, but the Chinese market is optimistic about the market outlook.
           In November 2015, SETi in Shanghai after the release of iFresh news, has been more than 100 companies into the inquiry, expressed high interest in the product. In addition, China's largest domestic media CCTV (CCTV) also produced a documentary, is expected to broadcast in 2017.
           According to the white paper issued by the company, the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) completed the study demonstrated wavelength between 285nm to 305 nm UV LED lights, or UVC spectral range of the light in the can improve the fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator shelf-life.
           Comparison of the preservation methods of strawberry, from left to right is no light control, UVC light and UVB light irradiation. (image: SETi)
           Lettuce and strawberry research data, and all the relevant research data also showed that polyphenols in polyphenol compounds in fruits and vegetables in the UV LED mask can maintain a relatively long time.
          This paper also mentioned the USDA study, some shelves in the life of UV LED Vegetable & Fruit light up to two times. Especially in the strawberry UV under LED irradiation, compared with other Vegetable & Fruit, prolong the shelf life of A.
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